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"closely" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

closely przysłówek

czasownik + closely
Kolokacji: 113
work closely • look closely • closely watch • closely follow • closely associated • closely linked • closely monitored • closely tied • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 51
3. closely watch = dokładnie obserwuj closely watch
7. closely monitored = drobiazgowo monitorować closely monitored
8. closely tied = blisko przywiązać closely tied
9. closely connected = ciasno połączyć closely connected
11. closely held = blisko trzymać closely held
16. closely allied = blisko sprzymierzony closely allied
18. closely aligned = blisko ustawić w szeregu closely aligned
19. closely spaced = blisko rozstawić closely spaced
24. closely related = blisko spokrewniony closely related
  • How closely related a person is to the relatives with the health problem.
  • Closely related to that are the choices about how land should be used.
  • It's the song on the record I relate to most closely.
  • Closely related to this was the prospect of a general election.
  • People identify with that sort of real history and they relate closely to it.
  • The new agency's duties would, after all, still be related closely to law enforcement.
  • Closely related to resorts are convention and large meeting sites.
  • Closely related to this theme is man's need for "amusement."
  • Closely related to tool use is the study of reasoning and problem solving.
  • Closely related to the earth sciences are physical geography and biology.
28. correspond closely = korespondować blisko correspond closely
29. closely based = blisko oprzeć closely based
30. closely fought = blisko walczyć closely fought
33. closely knit = blisko robić na drutach closely knit
36. closely affiliated = blisko przyjąć w poczet closely affiliated
37. closely reflect = blisko odzwierciedlij closely reflect
38. hew closely = rąb blisko hew closely
39. fit closely = być dopasowanym, ściśle przylegać, opinać fit closely
40. closely contested = blisko zakwestionować closely contested
41. adhere closely = przywrzyj blisko adhere closely
46. closely bound = blisko poruszaj się lekko closely bound
47. stick closely = patyk blisko stick closely
51. closely divided = blisko podzielić closely divided
closely + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 12
closely related • closely packed • closely similar • closely akin • closely possible • ...

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