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close przysłówek

czasownik + close
Kolokacji: 83
move closer • come closer • get closer • draw closer • lean closer • grow closer • edge closer • step closer • look closer • ...
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Kolokacji: 21
2. come closer = zbliżaj się come closer
3. get closer = zbliżać się, zbliżyć się get closer
5. lean closer = opierać się bliższy lean closer
7. edge closer = brzeg bliższy edge closer
9. look closer = wyglądaj bliższy look closer
10. become closer = stój się bliższy become closer
12. take closer = brać bliższy take closer
13. creep closer = wazeliniarz bliższy creep closer
14. go closer = przejdź bliższy go closer
15. press closer = dla prasy bliższy press closer
16. feel closer = poczuj się bliższy feel closer
17. drift closer = znosić bliższy drift closer
  • Drawn toward him by that feeling, she rose on her knees and drifted closer.
  • A shape drifted closer - the captain bent his head.
  • As she suspected, the flying eyes drifted closer to see what was going on.
  • The girl drifted closer to him without making any sudden movement.
  • Behind and above him, Brasilia seemed to have drifted closer.
  • He needed the means to get abroad as the nation drifted closer to war with Germany.
  • The craft drifted closer and then came to a rest.
  • We drifted closer and they stood up, tossing their huge heads.
  • Its single great central eye turned slowly to survey them all as it drifted closer.
  • I glanced back just enough to see that Frost was drifting closer.
20. loom closer = wyłaniać się bliższy loom closer
21. walk closer = chodzić bliższy walk closer

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