"back" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

back czasownik

back + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 35
back up one's claim • back candidates • back campaign • back one's efforts • back singers • ...
czasownik + back
Kolokacji: 11
begin backing • try to back • tell to back off • start backing • begin to back • ...
back + przyimek
Kolokacji: 42
back up • back off • back out • back down • backed by • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
1. back up = cofać (pojazdem) back up
2. back off = nie mieszać się, nie wtrącać się, odstąpić, dać spokój back off
3. backed by = poparty przez backed by
4. back out = wycofać się, rezygnować, spasować back out
5. back into = z powrotem do back into
6. back down = wycofywać się, ustąpić, dać za wygraną back down
  • "Then why should she back down, instead of going on to the top?"
  • By the way stop backing down on so many things.
  • I have backed down to 10mg, but want to try something different.
  • But the leaders of the cause are not backing down.
  • Business and political leaders said they would stand by him - if he backed down.
  • It was only then at the last possible moment that Iraq backed down.
  • "The president is backing down today only because he had no other choice."
  • But if you jump on those guys, they back down a little.
  • Would they back down in the face of actual action?
  • Since then, they have backed down from that plan, saying the cost would be too high.
7. back toward = z powrotem w kierunku back toward
8. back against = z powrotem przeciwko back against
9. back from = z powrotem z back from
10. back with = z powrotem z back with
11. back for = z powrotem dla back for
12. back to = z powrotem aby back to
13. back in = z powrotem w back in
14. back on = z powrotem na back on
15. back at = z powrotem przy back at
16. back onto = z powrotem na back onto
17. back away from = z powrotem z dala od back away from
18. back off from = z powrotem daleko z back off from
19. back up against = z powrotem o back up against
20. back up by = z powrotem w górę przez back up by
21. back out of = z powrotem z back out of
22. back up to = z powrotem do back up to
23. back up on = z powrotem w górę na back up on
24. back up with = z powrotem w górę z back up with
25. back through = z powrotem całkowicie back through
26. back up in = z powrotem w back up in
27. back towards = z powrotem w kierunku back towards
28. back down from = z powrotem w dół z back down from
back + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 52
back away • back slowly • strongly backed • back quickly • initially backed • ...

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