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attend czasownik

attend + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 141
attend school • attend college • attend classes • attend services • attend church • attend seminars • attend Mass • attend workshops • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 58
  • The Church started in 1992 and over 2,100 people attend services each week.
  • More than a million people were said to have attended the service.
  • Today, only 12% of the population attend church services each month.
  • But when there were no patients they attended service together.
  • Nearly 30 percent said that they are more likely to attend religious services.
  • For the people who attended the service, it was a special day indeed.
  • Almost 4,000 people are expected to attend the service, which will be closed to the public.
  • The section is also very small because few women attended the service.
  • Her husband was in Europe and did not attend the service.
  • That is because they attend his 45-minute service in their cars.
7. attend seminars = bądź obecnym na seminariach attend seminars
9. attend workshops = bądź obecnym na warsztatach attend workshops
10. attend functions = uczęszczaj na funkcje attend functions
12. attend one's State = być obecnym czyjś państwo attend one's State
13. attend training = uczęszczaj na szkolenie attend training
14. attend institutions = chodź do instytucji attend institutions
15. attend Harvard = chodź do Harvardu attend Harvard
16. attend one's Seminary = być obecnym czyjś Seminarium Duchowne attend one's Seminary
17. attend court = chodź do sądu attend court
22. attend briefings = bądź obecnym na odprawach attend briefings
23. attend a reception = bądź obecnym na przyjęciu attend a reception
26. attend a dinner = bądź obecnym na obiedzie attend a dinner
27. attend the opening = bądź obecnym na otwarciu attend the opening
35. attend the festival = bądź obecnym na festiwalu attend the festival
38. attend UCLA = bądź obecnym na UCLA attend UCLA
40. attend several years = bądź obecnym na kilku latach attend several years
42. attend rehearsals = uczęszczaj na próby attend rehearsals
43. attend the show = bądź obecnym na widowisku attend the show
45. attend a program = bądź obecnym na programie attend a program
46. attend the gathering = bądź obecnym na spotkaniu attend the gathering
47. attend Yale = towarzysz zamkowi yale attend Yale
48. opportunity to attend = okazja by być obecnym opportunity to attend
49. attend the Congress = bądź obecnym na Kongresie attend the Congress
50. attend practice = uczęszczaj na praktykę attend practice
51. attend dances = uczęszczaj na tańce attend dances
52. attend several days = bądź obecnym na kilku dniach attend several days
53. attend kindergarten = chodź do przedszkola attend kindergarten
55. attend the New Conservatory = bądź obecnym na Nowej Oranżerii attend the New Conservatory
56. attend grade = bądź obecnym na klasie attend grade
57. attend prayers = uczęszczaj na modlitwy attend prayers
58. attend synagogue = bądź obecnym na synagodze attend synagogue
czasownik + attend
Kolokacji: 64
begin attending • start attending • attend before transferring • plan to attend • invited to attend • refuse to attend • required to attend • ...
attend + przyimek
Kolokacji: 39
attend by • attend to • attend during • attend before • attend after • ...
attend + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 42
regularly attend • later attend • well attended • briefly attend • once attend • ...

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