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ankle rzeczownik

ankle + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 25
ankle injury • ankle sprain • ankle boot • ankle surgery • ankle bracelet • ...
ankle + czasownik
Kolokacji: 15
ankle crosses • ankle feels • ankle binds • ankle hurts • ankle aches • ...
czasownik + ankle
Kolokacji: 30
break one's ankle • twist one's ankle • injure one's ankle • grab one's ankle • bind one's ankles • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 7
1. break one's ankle = złam nogę w kostce break one's ankle
2. twist one's ankle = skręcić sobie kostkę twist one's ankle
  • Made me stay out a whole week when I twisted my ankle once.
  • On the day before the race he fell and twisted his ankle.
  • He tried to stand but found his right ankle twisted or broken.
  • He twisted his left ankle, played just seven minutes and scored 1 point.
  • Well once you've done that it's like twisting your ankle.
  • He'd twisted his ankle a week before, and wouldn't travel well.
  • "Yes, she helped me when I fell and twisted my ankle."
  • "You don't wind up in that condition just by twisting your ankle."
  • It made me feel stronger and more responsible - rather like I had on that first day when she twisted her ankle.
  • Sean had twisted his left ankle while running the week before trials.
3. injure one's ankle = zrań się w kostkę injure one's ankle
6. cross one's ankles = krzyżować się czyjś kostki cross one's ankles
7. tie one's ankles = krawat czyjś kostki tie one's ankles
przymiotnik + ankle
Kolokacji: 24
left ankle • right ankle • sprained ankle • broken ankle • sore ankle • injured ankle • ...
przyimek + ankle
Kolokacji: 17
to one's ankles • on one's ankle • around one's ankles • in one's ankle • of one's ankle • ...

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