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"aisle" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

aisle rzeczownik

rzeczownik + aisle
Kolokacji: 13
center aisle • side aisle • supermarket aisle • plane aisle • north aisle • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. center aisle = przejście centrum center aisle
  • He went down the center aisle and found her near the front.
  • He led her down the steps into the center aisle.
  • He fell to the floor in the middle of the center aisle.
  • There was more than enough light to move down the center aisle to the office.
  • The away team moved up a center aisle for a closer look.
  • Without another word he turned and started down the center aisle with his client.
  • "Did you want me to sit in the center aisle?"
  • Little John said, arriving down the center aisle with two men at a run.
  • They came out of their seats and started moving toward the center aisle.
  • The priest on the center aisle had worked back almost to the end.
2. side aisle = przejście boczne side aisle
czasownik + aisle
Kolokacji: 7
aisle is added • walk down the aisle • consist of aisles • aisle separated • aisle divided • ...
przymiotnik + aisle
Kolokacji: 21
narrow aisle • central aisle • wide aisle • long aisle • main aisle • ...
przyimek + aisle
Kolokacji: 11
with aisles • down the aisle • across the aisle • into the aisle • of the aisle • ...

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