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Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More

476 - 'Growth Mindset' Tips to Boost Your Performance

Dodany: 2 grudnia 2019

Viewing traits as innate make coping with failure and success much harder. With a "growth mindset" you learn more, persist more, and overcome obstacles. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS: Read the transcript:...

574 - How to Find Anything On Google

Dodany: 25 listopada 2019

With advanced search engine techniques, you can find relevant results that get just the information you want, while filtering out the noise. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

573 - How to Measure What Matters On the Job

Dodany: 18 listopada 2019

How to measure success is easy in some jobs, and very difficult in others. Here’s how to choose your performance indicators. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

572 - How to Prioritize Your Tasks—One Little Question, Big Results

Dodany: 11 listopada 2019

The Eisenhower Matrix is a tried-and-true way to prioritize your tasks. You can double its effectiveness by asking just one simple question! TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

495 - How to Tame Your Distractible Mind

Dodany: 4 listopada 2019

Do you know how to focus when distractions are constantly competing for your attention? It starts by simply picking up a pencil. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

571 - Manage Complex Projects and Connections with This Simple System

Dodany: 28 października 2019

Managing complex projects with many people and connections? Here's a simple note-taking system to help you take over the world. Probably. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

570 - Prospect Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps

Dodany: 21 października 2019

In business and life, prospecting can be the key to your success. This simple system will take your prospecting to the next level. TRANSCRIPT & LINKS Read the transcript:...

569 - The Art of Reading Minds with Henrik Fexeus

Dodany: 14 października 2019

Henrik Fexeus, the author of The Art of Reading Minds, shares his techniques for developing social skills and using nonverbal communication. Read the transcript at...

568 - 5 Simple Steps to Mastering a New Skill in 30 Days

Dodany: 7 października 2019

Learn a new skill by developing a 30-day program of incremental, bite-sized progress. Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/productivity/learning/master-new-skill-30-days Check out...

567 - Five Essential Rules for Changing Careers

Dodany: 30 września 2019

Changing careers is a leap of faith, but with a little preparation and groundwork, you're sure to stick the landing. Fast Company editors Kate Davis and Anisa Purbasari Horton share their...

566 - how to use colored pens to organize ... everything

Dodany: 23 września 2019

If you've got an eye for color, using erasable colored pens for note-taking might just change your life. Here's how to use them to organize all the things! ]]>

565 - How to prepare to make great video

Dodany: 16 września 2019

How do you prepare for a video shoot? Good preparation makes great video. Use this six-step pre-flight checklist so everything goes off without a hitch. Read the transcript at...

564 - Use multiple schedules to keep your life under control

Dodany: 9 września 2019

When the way you work changes depending on which phase of a project you’re in, design multiple templates to help you manage your time. Read the transcript at...

562 - Use online nonverbal communication

Dodany: 26 sierpnia 2019

Are your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure making a good impression online? How you say things is as important as what you say. Read the transcript at...

561 - Use Michael Port’s Technique to Rock Your Persuasive Presentations

Dodany: 19 sierpnia 2019

Getting your ideas across is simple: structure your pitch so it hits every base the audience expects. Here's how. Read the transcript at...

560 How to Create and Use an Ideas File

Dodany: 12 sierpnia 2019

Geniuses don’t have better ideas than you—probably—they just remember them better. Here’s how you can remember them, too, with an ideas file. Read the transcript at...

559 - How to Admit Your Mistakes and Take Responsibility

Dodany: 5 sierpnia 2019

When you’ve screwed up, the quickest way to move on is to admit what went wrong and apologize. When you do it right, it can even boost your reputation. ]]>

563 - How to Write Faster with Successive Drafts

Dodany: 2 sierpnia 2019

Don’t try to get everything down on paper at once. Use the development process itself to create the piece you’re writing. Read the transcript at...

503 - Want to Change Someone's Mind? Lead with Emotion

Dodany: 29 lipca 2019

Convincing people and changing their minds begins by meeting them emotionally. Then and only then, can you begin to promote your agenda. Read the transcript at...

558 - Visualizing Will Help You Turn Dreams to Results

Dodany: 22 lipca 2019

Wishing can't make things happen by magic, but it can make them happen by motivation. Gabrielle Oettingen’s WOOP method shows you how. ]]>