06 December 2018: Heart xenotransplants and phage fighting

Dodany: 5 grudnia 2018

This week, improving heart xenotransplants and soil bacteria versus phages.

29 November 2018: Atomic clock accuracy and wind farm worries

Dodany: 28 listopada 2018

This week, measuring gravity’s strength with clocks, and worries over wind farms’ wakes.

22 November 2018: An ion-drive aeroplane, and DNA rearrangement.

Dodany: 21 listopada 2018

This week, a solid-state plane engine with no moving parts, and ‘mosaicism’ in brain cells.

15 November 2018: Barnard’s Star, and clinical trials

Dodany: 14 listopada 2018

This week, evidence of a nearby exoplanet, and clinical trials in a social media world.

08 November 2018: Designer cells, and a Breakthrough researcher

Dodany: 7 listopada 2018

This week, building a cell from the bottom up, and a Breakthough Prize winner

01 November 2018: Mood forecasting technology, and where are the WIMPS?

Dodany: 31 października 2018

This week, the role that mood forecasting technology may play in suicide prevention, and a 'crisis' in dark matter research.

18 October 2018: Cannabis horticulture and the Sun's place in history

Dodany: 17 października 2018

This week, how science can help Canadian cannabis growers and a potted history of the Sun.

11 October 2018: The life of a new Nobel laureate and organised ants

Dodany: 10 października 2018

This week, what life is like when you've just won a Nobel prize, and how a vestigial organ helps ants get organised.

04 October 2018: Latent HIV, bird personalities and the Hyabusa2 mission

Dodany: 3 października 2018

This week, targeting latent HIV, the breeding behaviour of bold birds, and an update on a near-Earth asteroid mission.

27 September 2018: A wearable biosensor and a mechanical metamaterial.

Dodany: 26 września 2018

This week, an ultra-thin, wearable biosensor and a multi-shape, mechanical metamaterial.

20 September 2018: Negative emissions and swarms under strain

Dodany: 19 września 2018

This week, the ethics of sucking carbon-dioxide out the atmosphere and bee swarms under strain.

13 September 2018: The oldest drawing and the energy of data

Dodany: 12 września 2018

This week, the oldest drawing ever found, and the hidden energy costs of data.

6 September 2018: Space junk, and a physicist’s perspective on life

Dodany: 5 września 2018

This week, keeping an eye on space junk, and how a physicist changed our understanding of life.

30 August 2018: Gravity’s big G and the evolution of babies

Dodany: 29 sierpnia 2018

This week, an early mammal relative’s babies, and new attempts to pin down the strength of gravity.

Backchat August 2018: Audio reporting, audience feedback, and Brexit

Dodany: 24 sierpnia 2018

In this month’s roundtable, audio vs print reporting, returning to Brexit, and finding out about our audience.

23 August 2018: Quantum computers and labour division in ants

Dodany: 22 sierpnia 2018

This week, colony size and labour division in ants, and simulating a quantum system on a quantum computer.

16 August 2018: Bumblebees, opioids, and ocean weather

Dodany: 15 sierpnia 2018

This week, more worries for bees, modelling the opioid crisis, and rough weather for seas.

8 August 2018: Fox aggression, microbiota and geoengineering

Dodany: 8 sierpnia 2018

This week, shaping the gut microbiota, geoengineering’s effect on farming, and the genetics of fox aggression.

02 August 2018: Zebra finch colour perception, terraforming Mars, and attributing extreme weather

Dodany: 1 sierpnia 2018

This week, how a bird sees colour, potential problems with terraforming Mars, and linking extreme weather to our changing climate.

26 July 2018: Conservation, automata, and pet DNA tests

Dodany: 25 lipca 2018

This week, automata through the ages, problems with pet DNA tests, and a conservation conundrum.