01 February 2017: Stone Age tools in India, and coral reefs in crisis

Dodany: 31 stycznia 2018

This week, reframing humans' arrival in India, and the many hazards facing coral reefs.

25 January 2018: Tiny robots, 3D images, and a honeycomb maze

Dodany: 24 stycznia 2018

This week, a mini all-terrain robot, 3D painting with light, and a new maze for rats.

18 January 2018: Climate sensitivity, and the fetal microbiome

Dodany: 17 stycznia 2018

This week, pinning down the climate's carbon dioxide sensitivity, and the battle over babies' first bacteria.

10 January 2018: Conflict conservation, and the shape of a memory

Dodany: 10 stycznia 2018

This week, tabletop physics, what a memory looks like, and conflict's toll on wildlife.

Backchat December 2017: Trump, physics, and uncited papers

Dodany: 22 grudnia 2017

Backchat’s back, with discussions of Donald Trump, papers with zero citations, and the perils of writing about physics.

21 December 2017: Earth AI, a news quiz, and sci-fi

Dodany: 20 grudnia 2017

This week, our end of year special, featuring Earth science AI, a news story quiz, and science fiction in the modern era.

14 December 2017: Volcanoes, viruses & electric eels

Dodany: 13 grudnia 2017

This week, electric eel inspired batteries, virus inspired protein shells, and modelling magma viscosity.

7 December 2017: Exoplanet geology & duck-like dinosaurs

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2017

This week, exoplanet geology and a dual-terrain, duck-like dinosaur.

Nature Podcast: 30 November 2017

Dodany: 29 listopada 2017

This week, reading unnatural DNA, and young worm mothers explain a wriggly riddle.

Nature Podcast: 23 November 2017

Dodany: 22 listopada 2017

This week, lightning gamma rays, the Internet that wasn’t, and the science of sleep deprivation.

Nature Podcast: 16 November 2017

Dodany: 15 listopada 2017

This week, a bacterial communication system, and ancient houses illuminate inequality.

Nature Podcast: 9 November 2017

Dodany: 8 listopada 2017

This week, a potential stem cell treatment for a genetic skin condition, and the disappearing axolotl.

Nature Podcast: 2 November 2017

Dodany: 1 listopada 2017

This week, squishy sea creatures, evolving verbs, and Earth's microbiome.

Nature Podcast: 26 October 2017

Dodany: 25 października 2017

This week, undead cells, the strain of PhDs, and the traces of Antarctic instability.

Nature Podcast: 19 October 2017

Dodany: 19 października 2017

This week, neutron stars that are making waves in the physics world, and taking looking at the past to understand the future of work.

Nature Podcast: 12 October 2017

Dodany: 11 października 2017

This week, a dwarf planet with a ring, 40 years of Sanger DNA sequencing, and the grieving families contributing to a huge genetics projects.

Nature Extra: 500th show compilation

Dodany: 6 października 2017

To celebrate our 500th episode, the Nature Podcast asked 8 presenters – past and present – to recommend their favourite contributions to the show.

Nature Podcast: 5 October 2017

Dodany: 4 października 2017

This week, floating cities, malaria free mosquitos, and using evolution to inspire aircraft design.

Nature Podcast: 21 September 2017

Dodany: 20 września 2017

This week, Sherlock Holmes the scientist; and investigating the nanotubes between cells.

Nature Podcast: 14 September 2017

Dodany: 13 września 2017

This week, writing quantum software, and predicting the loss of Asia's glaciers.