14 June 2018: Baobab tree death, zebrafish stem cells, and ice in Antarctica

Dodany: 13 czerwca 2018 - Średnia ocen: 1

This week, the mysterious death of African baobab trees, Antarctica’s past, present, and future, and how zebrafish protect their stem cells.

07 June 2018: Magnetic animal migration, cold enzymes, and mouse memory

Dodany: 6 czerwca 2018

This week, making enzymes work better in the cold, short-term memory production in mice, and magnetic detection in animals.

31 May 2018: Boosting diversity in physics, and life after an asteroid impact

Dodany: 30 maja 2018

This week, boosting diversity in physics graduate programs, and life’s recovery after a massive asteroid impact.

24 May 2018: Climate costs, cleverer cab journeys, and peering through matter with muons

Dodany: 23 maja 2018

This week, estimating the economic cost of climate change, a new solution to the Minimum Fleet Problem, and the flourishing field of muography.

17 May 2018: Probing the proton, research misconduct, and making sense of mystery genes

Dodany: 16 maja 2018

This week, peering inside the proton, identifying the pitfalls of research misconduct, and identifying what bacterial genes of unknown function actually do.

10 May 2018: AI neuroscience, liquid crystals, and depression in academia

Dodany: 9 maja 2018

This week, artificial intelligence recreates our sense of place, liquid crystals deliver cargo, and experiencing depression in academia.

03 May 2018: Building early embryos, the fear response in mice, and ancient rhino remains

Dodany: 2 maja 2018

This week, constructing early embryos, how mice react to danger, and what an ancient butchered rhino is telling us about hominin migration.

26 April 2018: Mini brains, and an updated enzyme image

Dodany: 25 kwietnia 2018

This week, the ethical questions raised by model minds, and an updated view on an enzyme that keeps chromosomes protected.

Backchat April 2018: Sexual harassment, social media, and celebrity scientists

Dodany: 20 kwietnia 2018

In this month’s roundtable, we discuss celebrity scientists, sexual harassment in research, and the science behind a social media scandal.

19 April 2018: Synchronised shrimp, supernova science, and spring books.

Dodany: 18 kwietnia 2018

This week, tiny sea creatures with potentially big effects, the science of a supernova, and a roundup of spring books.

12 April 2018: The power of remote sensing, and watching a neutron star glitch

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2018

This week, looking for glitchy signals from neutron stars, and using remote sensing in research.

05 April 2018: Human's influence on the Mississippi and 'dirty' mice

Dodany: 4 kwietnia 2018

This week, dissecting human influence on the Mississippi's floods, and getting 'dirty' mice into the lab.

29 March 2018: AI in chemistry, and liquid droplets in living cells.

Dodany: 28 marca 2018

This week, testing a neural network's chemistry skills, and what the physics of droplets is teaching us about the biology of cells.

22 March 2018: Mexican cavefish, the gut microbiome, and a wearable brain scanner.

Dodany: 21 marca 2018

This week, glucose metabolism in Mexican cavefish, the effect of non-antibiotic drugs on gut microbes, and a wearable brain scanner.

15 March 2018: Geoengineering Antarctica and increasing NMR’s resolution.

Dodany: 14 marca 2018

This week, geoengineering glaciers to prevent sea level rise, and using diamonds to improve NMR’s resolution.

8 March 2018: Surprising graphene superconductors, and 50 years dreaming of electric sheep.

Dodany: 7 marca 2018

This week, graphene’s latest superpower, and a retrospective of a sci-fi classic.

1 March 2018: Brain waves and a fingerprint from the early Universe

Dodany: 28 lutego 2018

This week, the landscape of childhood cancers, physicists find a fingerprint from the early Universe, and brain waves cause a splash.

Backchat February 2018: Luck, debate, and the quantum internet

Dodany: 23 lutego 2018

Our reporters discuss the role of serendipity in science, how to cover the iterative nature of research, and what the quantum internet might become.

22 February 2018: A focus on adolescence

Dodany: 21 lutego 2018

This week, a teenage special: defining adolescence; high school researchers; and the science of teen risk taking.

15 February 2018: Optical clocks, healthy ageing, and fieldwork during pregnancy

Dodany: 14 lutego 2018

This week, refocusing ageing research, a transportable optical clock, and researching during pregnancy.