"wit" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

wit rzeczownik

rzeczownik + wit
Kolokacji: 6
rapier wit • acid wit • De Wit • Antoni Wit • trademark wit • ...
wit + czasownik
Kolokacji: 4
wit makes • wit comes • wit helps • wit begins
czasownik + wit
Kolokacji: 17
keep one's wits • use one's wits • lose one's wits • match wits • know for one's wit • ...
przymiotnik + wit
Kolokacji: 57
quick wit • dry wit • sharp wit • sly wit • great wit • ...
przyimek + wit
Kolokacji: 12
to wit • of wit • with wit • for one's wit • out of one's wits • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
1. to wit = mianowicie, to znaczy to wit
  • To wit: A child may lead, but sometimes it takes a man to clear the path.
  • To wit, they are taking at least a slightly more conservative course.
  • She must take the risk, that was all, and once again trust to her wits.
  • While this was under debate and unknown to the court, to wit, on the 19th.
  • That it did not do so was no credit to his own wits.
  • To wit: stop making offers as if he's going to arrive soon.
  • The sound of the colonel's voice brought him back to his wits.
  • To his natural wit we can add the smell of fame.
  • To wit, the vehicles I liked the least this year: 1.
  • No telling what that finger could do to my wits.
4. for one's wit = dla czyjś poczucie humoru for one's wit
5. out of one's wits = z czyjś dowcipy out of one's wits
6. by one's wits = przez czyjś dowcipy by one's wits
7. in wit = w poczuciu humoru in wit
8. on one's wits = na czyjś dowcipy on one's wits
9. at one's wit = przy czyjś poczucie humoru at one's wit

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