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speed czasownik

speed + przyimek
Kolokacji: 29
speed up • speed off • speed through • speed down • speed toward • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
1. speed up = przyspieszać, przyśpieszać speed up
2. speed through = przyśpiesz całkowicie speed through
3. speed off = pośpiesznie oddalać się speed off
  • Though they should be in no hurry to speed this one off.
  • Both men fell to the ground as the car sped off.
  • But as police stood outside the pair sped off in the car.
  • Mike sped off into the hall and went to the great front door.
  • He sped off, and the others went to the library.
  • "I can go home for that," said the man in the car before he sped off.
  • I made it to the car, and we sped off.
  • After several minutes she finally started her car and sped off.
  • They tried to escape by speeding off but were caught.
  • Anthony ran the car over him one more time before speeding off.
4. speed toward = prędkość w kierunku speed toward
5. speed down = prędkość w dół speed down
6. speed along = przyspieszyć, przyśpieszyć speed along
7. speed across = prędkość wszerz speed across
8. speed on = prędkość na speed on
9. speed into = prędkość do speed into
10. speed to = prędkość aby speed to
11. speed from = prędkość z speed from
12. speed with = prędkość z speed with
13. speed in = prędkość w speed in
14. speed at = prędkość przy speed at
15. speed past = prędkość przeszłość speed past
16. speed by = szybko przemijać (np. czas) speed by
17. speed for = prędkość dla speed for
18. speed towards = prędkość w kierunku speed towards
19. speed over = prędkość ponad speed over
20. speed around = prędkość około speed around
21. speed up to = prędkość do speed up to
speed + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 19
speed away • speed forward • speed ahead • speed quickly • greatly speed • ...

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