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protective przymiotnik

protective + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 181
protective clothing • protective custody • protective gear • Protective Service • protective measure • protective layer • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 25
2. protective custody = areszt prewencyjny, areszt zapobiegawczy protective custody
5. protective measure = środek ochrony, środek zabezpieczający protective measure
9. protective suit = ubranie ochronne protective suit
10. protective barrier = ochronna bariera protective barrier
11. protective order = zabezpieczający rozkaz protective order
  • Several months later, she obtained a protective order against him and he moved out.
  • All parties in the case remain under the protective order.
  • For a temporary protective order, you will probably have to see a family court judge.
  • "However, the family also has the right to seek a protective order to prevent you from doing so."
  • "We believe very strongly in the protective order," she said.
  • After a contested hearing, the judge found that the evidence was not enough to keep the protective order in place.
  • "It is my intention to issue a protective order," the judge said.
  • Your local domestic violence program or a qualified attorney can help you get a protective order.
  • His ex-wife, who currently has a protective order against him for herself and her children.
  • "Our position is that the integrity of a protective order should be respected," he said.
12. protective cover = osłona ochronna protective cover
13. protective coating = powłoka ochronna protective coating
14. protective wall = mur ochronny, ściana ochronna, ściana zabezpieczająca protective wall
15. protective shield = ochronna tarcza protective shield
16. protective device = ochronne urządzenie protective device
17. protective tariff = cło ochronne protective tariff
18. protective shell = ochronna muszla protective shell
19. protective arm = ochronne ramię protective arm
21. protective instinct = ochronny instynkt protective instinct
22. protective screen = osłona ochronna protective screen
23. protective mask = maska ochronna protective mask
24. protective role = obronna rola protective role
25. protective coloration = ubarwienie ochronne, barwy ochronne protective coloration
przysłówek + protective
Kolokacji: 7
fiercely protective • extremely protective • overly protective • highly protective • oddly protective • ...
protective + przyimek
Kolokacji: 5
protective of • protective against • protective towards • protective toward • protective in

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