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grim przymiotnik

grim + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 158
grim smile • grim face • grim determination • grim reality • grim expression • grim satisfaction • grim line • grim look • grim news • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 14
1. grim smile = zacięty uśmiech grim smile
2. grim face = ponura twarz grim face
3. grim determination = ponure zdecydowanie grim determination
4. grim expression = ponure wyrażenie grim expression
5. grim reality = ponura rzeczywistość grim reality
6. grim satisfaction = ponure zadowolenie grim satisfaction
7. grim line = ponura linia grim line
8. grim look = ponure spojrzenie grim look
9. grim news = ponure wiadomości grim news
10. grim picture = ponury obraz grim picture
  • It doesn't take much imagination to paint grim pictures here.
  • They let us know the grim picture you are being given, of our situation here.
  • Those additional legal costs only worsen an already grim financial picture.
  • The film shows a grim picture of life in the trenches during the war.
  • The study paints a grim picture for those who are passionate about science education at a high level.
  • I evaluated my chances and came up with a grim picture.
  • Painting a grim picture of the future, the company said that truck sales could decline by up to 10 percent next year.
  • Still, some facts are available on the public record and they add up to a grim picture.
  • What you see is a grim picture - and I couldn't be more optimistic.
  • But look at the statistics in African countries and you'll see a grimmer picture.
11. grim silence = ponura cisza grim silence
12. grim reminder = ponure przypomnienie grim reminder
13. grim humor = ponury humor grim humor
14. grim Reaper = ponury Żniwiarz grim Reaper
czasownik + grim
Kolokacji: 8
look grim • turn grim • grow grim • sound grim • feel grim • ...
przysłówek + grim
Kolokacji: 13
pretty grim • particularly grim • increasingly grim • somewhat grim • equally grim • ...
grim + przyimek
Kolokacji: 4
grim for • grim in • grim with • grim of

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