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garage rzeczownik

rzeczownik + garage
Kolokacji: 18
parking garage • bus garage • basement garage • Gourmet Garage • UK garage • ...
garage + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 29
garage door • garage sale • garage rock • garage band • garage sales • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 5
1. garage door = drzwi garażowe garage door
2. garage sale = wyprzedaż rzeczy używanych, wyprzedaż garażowa garage sale
4. garage band = zespół garażowy garage band
  • They formed a garage band during their high school years.
  • During high school, he became involved with garage bands, and only went back to acting after college.
  • I had the feeling everyone was buying something cool to wear to practice with a garage band.
  • That same year he formed his first garage band, on drums.
  • They were in a garage band and there was a shot of their kitten.
  • He also got in a garage band called Century.
  • And while playing in a garage band isn't likely to pay the mortgage, at least it fills up the day.
  • Over the years he has played in a variety of garage bands and many gigs with friends.
  • At the market, hope surges in the hearts of every garage band.
  • Previously they performed as a garage band at children's music festivals.
5. garage sales = wyprzedaże rzeczy używanych garage sales
czasownik + garage
Kolokacji: 8
build a garage • garage attached • store in one's garage • convert one's garage • drive to the garage • ...
przymiotnik + garage
Kolokacji: 43
underground garage • two-car garage • new garage • three-car garage • one-car garage • ...
przyimek + garage
Kolokacji: 10
into the garage • in the garage • to the garage • from the garage • at the garage • ...

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