"endeavor" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

endeavor rzeczownik

rzeczownik + endeavor
Kolokacji: 7
space shuttle Endeavor • business endeavor • shuttle Endeavor • research endeavor • HMS Endeavor • ...
endeavor + czasownik
Kolokacji: 5
endeavor hits • endeavor includes • endeavor requires • endeavor leads • endeavor involves
czasownik + endeavor
Kolokacji: 3
support one's endeavors • pursue endeavors • endeavor undertaken
przymiotnik + endeavor
Kolokacji: 87
human endeavor • artistic endeavor • scientific endeavor • new endeavor • musical endeavor • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
1. human endeavor = ludzkie dążenia human endeavor
2. artistic endeavor = artystyczne dążenia artistic endeavor
  • However, the brothers were more interested in their artistic endeavors.
  • For me, this makes architecture the most unique form of artistic endeavor.
  • And even the students' physical education is an artistic endeavor: instead of traditional gym they study modern dance.
  • This is probably supposed to tell us something about the artistic endeavor.
  • Not all of his artistic endeavours resulted in success however.
  • They were not, he insisted, to be considered an artistic endeavour.
  • And she gave to nearly every artistic endeavor in town.
  • Finally it comes down to the quality of the artistic endeavor.
  • "Of course not, no genuinely artistic endeavor makes a profit on its work."
  • "We were two people working on an artistic endeavor together."
3. scientific endeavor = naukowe dążenia scientific endeavor
4. new endeavor = nowe dążenia new endeavor
5. musical endeavor = muzyczne dążenia musical endeavor
6. philanthropic endeavor = filantropijne dążenia philanthropic endeavor
7. creative endeavor = twórcze dążenia creative endeavor
8. future endeavor = przyszłe dążenia future endeavor
9. charitable endeavor = dobroczynne dążenia charitable endeavor
przyimek + endeavor
Kolokacji: 11
of endeavor • for endeavors • to endeavors • in this endeavor • on endeavors • ...

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