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"commonly" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

commonly przysłówek

czasownik + commonly
Kolokacji: 207
commonly known • commonly used • commonly referred • commonly called • commonly found • commonly associated • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 46
  • They are also commonly called Old man in the ground.
  • This is the reason why, these figures are commonly called "control numbers".
  • In Canada the symbol is commonly called the number sign.
  • The Beethoven work, though commonly called early, does not sound it.
  • Those programs are integrated into something commonly called music management software.
  • Flesh may be used as food, in which case it is commonly called meat.
  • Each piece offered a different perspective into sound's journey in and out of what is commonly called music.
  • It is commonly called the world's first true mountain railway.
  • He points to part of the skull we would commonly call the forehead, just above the left eye.
  • I am referring to what are commonly called "tax expenditures."
8. commonly held = powszechnie trzymać commonly held
12. commonly cited = powszechnie zacytować commonly cited
14. commonly made = powszechnie zrobić commonly made
15. commonly employed = powszechnie zatrudnić commonly employed
16. commonly thought = powszechnie pomyśleć commonly thought
18. commonly accepted = powszechnie zaakceptować commonly accepted
19. commonly sold = powszechnie sprzedać commonly sold
20. commonly applied = powszechnie zastosować commonly applied
21. commonly spoken = powszechnie mówiony commonly spoken
22. commonly reported = powszechnie poinformować commonly reported
23. commonly eaten = powszechnie zjedzony commonly eaten
25. commonly grown = powszechnie urosnąć commonly grown
26. commonly regarded = powszechnie wziąć pod uwagę commonly regarded
27. commonly cause = powszechnie spowoduj commonly cause
30. commonly affected = powszechnie wpłynąć commonly affected
31. commonly understood = powszechnie zrozumieć commonly understood
32. commonly taken = powszechnie wzięty commonly taken
33. commonly observed = powszechnie zauważyć commonly observed
34. commonly played = powszechnie zagrać commonly played
35. commonly served = powszechnie służyć commonly served
37. commonly heard = powszechnie słyszeć commonly heard
40. commonly appear = powszechnie pojaw się commonly appear
41. commonly identified = powszechnie zidentyfikować commonly identified
42. commonly prescribed = powszechnie przepisać commonly prescribed
43. commonly assumed = powszechnie przypuścić commonly assumed
44. commonly consumed = powszechnie skonsumować commonly consumed
45. commonly said = powszechnie powiedzieć commonly said
46. commonly defined = powszechnie określić commonly defined
commonly + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 3
commonly available • commonly present • commonly most used

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