"being" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

being rzeczownik

rzeczownik + being
Kolokacji: 3
being of power • spirit being • being of energy
being + czasownik
Kolokacji: 53
being lives • being makes • being comes • being exists • being creates • ...
czasownik + being
Kolokacji: 27
see beings • kill beings • create beings • being known • behave like beings • ...
przymiotnik + being
Kolokacji: 149
human being • sentient being • intelligent being • supernatural being • fellow being • normal being • civilized being • real being • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
1. human being = istota ludzka, jednostka ludzka human being
2. sentient being = istota czująca, istota rozumna sentient being
4. supernatural being = siły nadprzyrodzone będąc supernatural being
5. fellow being = bliźni fellow being
6. normal being = normalny będąc normal being
7. civilized being = cywilizowany będąc civilized being
8. real being = rzeczywisty będąc real being
9. strange being = dziwny będąc strange being
10. rational being = racjonalny będąc rational being
11. spiritual being = duchowy będąc spiritual being
12. alien being = istota pozaziemska, istota z kosmosu alien being
  • They are forced to consider whether alien beings sent the signal for this very reason.
  • People have become so frustrated that they "talk as though our political system had been taken over by alien beings."
  • I'm going to have to kill a number of alien beings.
  • I think that here we deal with alien beings from deep outer space.
  • People talk as though our political system had been taken over by alien beings.
  • Two alien beings were claimed to have been captured on site.
  • But it happens to be the property of alien beings who live on the next world.
  • These were alien beings, in the worst sense of the word.
  • So while my biotech plants might seem like alien beings, that's not quite right.
  • He began to pace up and down, watched by the eyes of the two alien beings beyond the glass.
13. powerful being = potężny będąc powerful being
14. superior being = nadrzędny będąc superior being
15. ordinary being = zwykły będąc ordinary being
16. individual being = indywidualny będąc individual being
17. lesser being = mniejszy będąc lesser being
18. physical being = fizyczny będąc physical being
19. single being = jeden będąc single being
20. decent being = przyzwoity będąc decent being
21. entire being = cały będąc entire being
przyimek + being
Kolokacji: 15
into beings • of beings • for beings • from beings • to beings • ...

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