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advisory przymiotnik

advisory + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 38
advisory board • advisory committee • advisory panel • advisory council • advisory group • advisory firm • advisory body • ...
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Kolokacji: 12
1. advisory board = komitet doradczy, zespół doradców advisory board
2. advisory committee = komitet doradczy advisory committee
5. advisory group = komitet doradczy, komitet konsultacyjny advisory group
  • Another plan is to have a small set of advisory groups that would act as 'think tanks' in certain areas.
  • It was something the advisory group had long urged him to do.
  • At the start, we set up an advisory group with some head teachers.
  • He remained on the board and in 1985 was named a member of an advisory group to top management at the company.
  • It was not even an advisory group to the President.
  • "Things change," White said when asked the reason for the new advisory group.
  • What is the point of an advisory group if we do not listen to it?
  • The advisory group is there to advise, and nothing else.
  • She was a member of the advisory group to the board and served on the music committee.
  • In Europe, advisory groups which concentrate on women's issues have been set up.
7. advisory body = organ doradczy advisory body
9. advisory role = rola doradcza advisory role
10. advisory capacity = stanowisko doradcy advisory capacity
11. advisory opinion = opinia doradcza advisory opinion
12. advisory commission = komisja doradcza advisory commission

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