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advisory przymiotnik

advisory + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 38
advisory board • advisory committee • advisory panel • advisory council • advisory group • advisory firm • advisory body • ...
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1. advisory board = komitet doradczy, zespół doradców advisory board
  • It will also have an advisory board of its own.
  • Each level of government could also have an advisory board or council.
  • After three months such a case is brought before an advisory board for review.
  • He is on the advisory boards of several international business schools.
  • "But only after I form an advisory board and help put the vision in place," he added.
  • At the same time, members of the advisory board were confused about their role.
  • The best reason to give the group the benefit of the doubt may be its advisory board.
  • Officials are also likely to announce a national advisory board on the subject.
  • The advisory board is made up of well known professionals in the Internet industry.
  • The school will have a local Chancellor and advisory board.
2. advisory committee = komitet doradczy advisory committee
5. advisory group = komitet doradczy, komitet konsultacyjny advisory group
7. advisory body = organ doradczy advisory body
9. advisory role = rola doradcza advisory role
10. advisory capacity = stanowisko doradcy advisory capacity
11. advisory opinion = opinia doradcza advisory opinion
12. advisory commission = komisja doradcza advisory commission

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