Stuff Mom Never Told You

#MeToo 2: Louis CK Edition

Dodany: 17 listopada 2017


Louis CK apologies for years of predatory sexual behavior. E&B unpack what it means for women in comedy.

Where the f*** are the pockets on women's clothing?

Dodany: 15 listopada 2017


E&B break down the quest for pocket equality.

Role Overload: Working Daughters

Dodany: 10 listopada 2017


In the start of a new miniseries on role overload, E&B interview author Liz O’Donnell to explore the trade-offs women face when juggling a career with caring for aging parents.

Problematic Faves: Taylor Swift

Dodany: 8 listopada 2017


Bridget and Emilie are joined by Refinery29's Elisa Kreisinger to talk through Taylor Swift's talent, influence, and feminism.


Dodany: 3 listopada 2017


The origins of the viral anti sexual harassment campaign

Arrested For Braiding Hair?

Dodany: 1 listopada 2017


If you’ve listened to our episode on 'feminist hair,' you already know hair is a sensitive issue, particularly for Black women, who are often policed for hair choices. Today B&E unpack a legal...

Motorcycle Mavens

Dodany: 27 października 2017


Ana Carrasco recently became the first woman to win a world championship motorcycle race, sparking a conversation about the rising numbers of women riding motorcycles for sport and leisure. E&B...

Campus Sexual Assault & Title IX

Dodany: 25 października 2017


Should student victims be asked to 'mediate' with their rapists? That's what the latest guidelines passed down from the Department of Education, led by Betsy DeVos, suggest. E&B break the latest...

The F*** Off Fund

Dodany: 20 października 2017


Almost 70% of millennial women have experienced financial abuse. In today’s episode, E&B interview financial educator Tonya Rapley to break down the importance of the f*** off fund.

Are Men Messier Than Women?

Dodany: 18 października 2017


Are men actually messier than women? Or is that just some sexist stereotype? E&B break down the surprising research behind who makes more 'ew.'

Skyrocketing Suicide Among Women Vets

Dodany: 13 października 2017


Women veterans are taking their own lives at staggering rates, according to the latest research from the VA. E&B take a closer look at the numbers to better understand the problem - and possible...

Breaking Down Bullet Journals

Dodany: 11 października 2017


Do you know the many mental health benefits of journaling? With bullet journals on the rise, B&E talk with Buzzfeed's Rachel Wilkerson Miller to discuss what makes bullet journals so beneficial.

Pregnant in Prison

Dodany: 6 października 2017


How should we be treating imprisoned pregnant women? Perhaps we could start by not shackling them to the hospital bed during labor.

Problematic Faves: Judge Judy

Dodany: 5 października 2017


Are you a fan of someone...even though you KNOW their record on feminist issues isn't exactly stellar? Today we're introducing a series profiling women we love, imperfections and all. First up? The...

Silicon Valley Sexism, Pt 2

Dodany: 29 września 2017


E&B continue the conversation on why the tech world can be so hostile towards women - and what's being done about it.

Silicon Valley Sexism, Pt 1

Dodany: 27 września 2017


Women continue to be drastically underrepresented in tech and are leaving the field at TWICE the rate of their male-identifying coworkers. E&B break down why this relatively young industry has a...

The Problem With a Pinterest-Perfect Life

Dodany: 22 września 2017


What happens when we strive for social media perfection in lieu of IRL connection? E&B unpack the problems with the quest for online 'effortless chic' and how to flip the script.

Women and the Trades

Dodany: 20 września 2017


Women are underrepresented in trades like autoworking, plumbing, and welding. E&B unpack what can be done to increase representation of women in these critical fields.

The Forgotten Black Women of Punk Rock

Dodany: 15 września 2017


Punk rock is often thought of as a 'white thing' even though it’s always had roots in Black communities. Self-proclaimed riot girl, Bridget, walks us through her favorite artists and together...

Women & White Supremacy

Dodany: 13 września 2017


The display of white supremacy and neo-Nazism in Charlottesville demands a conversation on women's roles in perpetuating systems of oppression. E&B break things down with the help of journalist...