Stuff Mom Never Told You

The Forgotten Black Women of Punk Rock

Dodany: 15 września 2017


Punk rock is often thought of as a 'white thing' even though it’s always had roots in Black communities. Self-proclaimed riot girl, Bridget, walks us through her favorite artists and together...

Women & White Supremacy

Dodany: 13 września 2017


The display of white supremacy and neo-Nazism in Charlottesville demands a conversation on women's roles in perpetuating systems of oppression. E&B break things down with the help of journalist...

Baby Powder is Killing Black Women

Dodany: 8 września 2017


E&B look at the disturbing data around baby powder, Black women, and cancer.

What's Wrong with School Dress Codes?

Dodany: 6 września 2017


Do school dress codes actually make students more effective? E&B break down the research.

The Women of the Labor Movement

Dodany: 1 września 2017


Women are poised to make up the majority of union members by 2020. This Labor Day, E&B look back at the history of women in the US labor movement as well as women’s significance in labor’s future.

Negotiation No-No's

Dodany: 30 sierpnia 2017


Negotiating a salary or promotion can be nerve-wracking. Here are all the mistakes we’ve made, so you don’t have to.

The Untold History of Women's Equality Day

Dodany: 25 sierpnia 2017


Women's Equality is one of those bittersweet holidays. It marks the incredible effort that led to US women gaining the right to vote, while reminding us of another critical constitutional amendment...

Intersectional Feminism 101

Dodany: 23 sierpnia 2017


The term 'intersectionality' is pretty popular these days. Emilie & Bridget unpack the origin of this term, why it's so important, and how we all can bring a more intersectional lens to our feminism.

What are HBCUs and why do they matter?

Dodany: 18 sierpnia 2017


Historically black colleges and universities serve an important purpose in creating equal opportunity - and the majority of students on HBCU campuses identify as women. E&B unpack why this matters...

Lisa Simpson: Springfield's Favorite Feminist

Dodany: 16 sierpnia 2017


Lisa Simpson is the smart, musically talented, mathematically-inclined, anti-capitalist, vegetarian, feminist hero we need - today and every day.

Men Going Their Own Way

Dodany: 11 sierpnia 2017


MGTOW is the curious philosophy behind a growing online community of men committed to 'protecting their own sovereignty above all else.' Their main tactic? Completely withdrawing from a 'feminized'...

Coming out at work

Dodany: 9 sierpnia 2017


Should you come out as LGBTQ at work? It's not as simple as you might think.

Unpacking 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Dodany: 4 sierpnia 2017


Margaret Atwood's best-selling dystopian novel has new life as a Hulu special that's hitting close to home. Bridget and Emilie unpack why this cinematic thriller feels like it's hitting so close to...

The Misnomer of 'Manterruptions'

Dodany: 2 sierpnia 2017


The politics of interrupting are more complicated than most headlines suggest. Emilie shares an unpopular opinion, but Bridget's not necessarily convinced.

Mental Health in Black Communities

Dodany: 28 lipca 2017


In Black communities especially, struggling with mental health issues is still taboo. And that’s a problem.

Work Fails

Dodany: 26 lipca 2017


We all make mistakes - it's what makes us human! But what happens when you mess up at work?

V is for Veganism

Dodany: 21 lipca 2017


Nearly half of vegetarians are men, but veganism is an overwhelmingly women-dominated lifestyle. E&B unpack the pros and cons of a plant-based life.

Oh, Miley

Dodany: 19 lipca 2017


Miley Cyrus dropped hip hop like it’s hot, saying she no longer identifies with the genre. But this stylistic choice is far from simple, and indicative of a larger, troubling trend.

Women and ADHD

Dodany: 14 lipca 2017


We think of ADHD as a disorder impacting boys - and that’s a problem. Bridget and Emilie unpack why.

B*tches Who Bike

Dodany: 12 lipca 2017


In E&B's first live show, they chat with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's Executive Director, Rebecca Serna, about women bicyclists takin' it to the streets!