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Stuff Mom Never Told You

SMNTY Classics: Feminist Transphobia

Dodany: 15 lutego 2020

Trans-exclusionary radical feminists," or TERFs, is considered a slur. Yet, some radical feminists who define womanhood through biology rather than gender identity exist. In this classic episode,...

Woman of the House

Dodany: 12 lutego 2020

Does the emerging post-industrial economy favor women? What does the future hold for women in terms of education, jobs, and domestic decisions, and where does it leave men? Anney and Samantha...

SMNTY Classics: Women in Comics, Part 2

Dodany: 8 lutego 2020

When the Underground Comix Revolution happened in the 1960s, women still weren't welcome in comics circles, but it didn't stop them from making their art and telling their unique stories. In the...

The Birds of Prey

Dodany: 8 lutego 2020

In conjunction with the release of the movie, Anney and Samantha flip through the pages of the Birds of Prey comics, digging into past portrayals of Batgirl, Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, special...

A SMNTY Roundup: 2020 Edition #1

Dodany: 5 lutego 2020

SMNTY circles up some news stories, from the ERA to the Oscars, and takes a look at how 2020 is going so far. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Female Firsts: Wangari Muta Maathai

Dodany: 1 lutego 2020

Friend of the show Yves drops by to share the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement Wangari Muta Maathai. Learn more about your ad-choices at...

SMNTY Classics: Women in Comics, Part 1

Dodany: 1 lutego 2020

In 1896, Truth magazine published the first comic strip drawn by a woman. In the first half of a two-part podcast, Cristen and Caroline trace the early history of women in comics from the origin of...

The Female Revengers: Part 2

Dodany: 29 stycznia 2020

The female revenge movies strike back! In part two of our look in women and revenge, we look into our more modern genre of female vengeance. Learn more about your ad-choices at...

SMNTY Classics: Late Night TV - No Girls Allowed?

Dodany: 25 stycznia 2020

Following up on our women in game shows episode, here's a classic about the women (and lack thereof) of late night. Is late night television resistant to women hosts and writers? Cristen and...

Feminist Movie Friday: First Wives Club

Dodany: 24 stycznia 2020

To continue the conversation around women, vengeance and justice, Anney and Samantha delve into the 1996 comedy First Wives Club and all of its 90s glory. Learn more about your ad-choices at...

The Female Revengers: Part 1

Dodany: 22 stycznia 2020

In part one of this deep dive on female revenge, Anney and Samantha dig into the science behind revenge and discuss famous historical examples of women getting their revenge. Learn more about your...

SMNTY Classics: Do Women Run Twitter?

Dodany: 18 stycznia 2020

Time for another classic! To mark the anniversary of the first-ever tweet in March 2006, Cristen and Caroline take a look at how women use Twitter in greater numbers than men -- except when it...

The Importance of Pronouns

Dodany: 17 stycznia 2020

At the end of 2019, 'they' as a singular pronoun was named as the word of the year and the decade by multiple institutions. Learn more about the past, present and future of gender neutral...

Introducing Dear Young Rocker, A New Podcast from DISGRACELAND Creator Jake Brennan

Dodany: 16 stycznia 2020

Remember how the fourteen-year-old version of yourself felt? The awkwardness? The insecurity? The weirdo in you, fiercely independent but longing to connect. With someone. With anyone. Dear Young...

Women in Game Shows: G.O.A.T. Edition

Dodany: 15 stycznia 2020

Want to know more about women in the world of game shows, from hosts to contestants to models? Then come on down!! Prizes include trivia knowledge to annoy your friends. Learn more about your...

SMNTY Classics: Free the Nipple!

Dodany: 11 stycznia 2020

Why are women on social media intentionally letting their nips slip? In this classic episode, Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and celebrity-fueled rise of the Free the Nipple movement and...

Cancel Culture

Dodany: 10 stycznia 2020

Is it time for a #CancelCultureIsOverParty? Or is the concern around cancel culture overblown? Learn more about your ad-choices at

The Influence of Social Media Influencers

Dodany: 8 stycznia 2020

The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media influencers, instafame, and what it has to do with feminism. Learn more about your ad-choices at

SMNTY Classics: Is dieting antifeminist?

Dodany: 4 stycznia 2020

In this classic episode, we look back to Kjiersten Gruys, who went a year without looking in a mirror to readjust how she looks at her body. So how does losing weight for health compare to losing...

The Feminism of Finances

Dodany: 3 stycznia 2020

How does knowledge around finances empower women, and how does it relate to feminism? Financial coach Caroline Snyder joins us for a conversation all about women and money. Learn more about your...