CNN News Update

Ep. 58 - Beth Myers

Dodany: 13 czerwca 2016 - Średnia ocen: 4,3

Beth Myers, who served as senior adviser to Mitt Romney on his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, sits down with David to discuss her wide-ranging career from working with Karl Rove in Texas to...

Ep. 56 - Tom Harkin

Dodany: 6 czerwca 2016 - Średnia ocen: 5

Tom Harkin, retired Democratic senator from Iowa, sits down with David to discuss his four decades in Congress, his work on the Americans with Disabilities Act, his take on the 2016 presidential...

Ep. 55 - Jeff Greenfield

Dodany: 2 czerwca 2016

Jeff Greenfield, an award-winning journalist who writes for the Daily Beast and Politico, chats with David about what it was like working for Robert F. Kennedy before his assassination in 1968, his...

Ep. 53 - Ilana Dayan

Dodany: 26 maja 2016

Leading Israeli news anchor Ilana Dayan chats with David about her career as a reporter in Israel, her thoughts on Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, U.S.-Israeli relations, and the...

Ep. 52 - Katie Couric

Dodany: 23 maja 2016

Katie Couric, global anchor for Yahoo News, sits down with David in her New York apartment to discuss her wide-ranging journalism career from 9/11 to “The Today Show” to her 2008 interview with...

Ep. 51 - Samantha Power

Dodany: 19 maja 2016

Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, chats with David in New York about growing up in Ireland, how she went from a sports reporter at Yale to writing a Pulitzer Prize-winning book...

Ep. 49 - Jon Stewart (Live)

Dodany: 10 maja 2016

Jon Stewart, comedian, author, and former host and executive producer of "The Daily Show," chats with David in Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago to talk about Donald Trump and the...

Ep. 48 - Anderson Cooper

Dodany: 9 maja 2016

Journalist and host of CNN’s “AC360” Anderson Cooper talks with David about his new book, becoming a self-appointed embed in Burma and Somalia, Donald Trump’s relationship with the media, and more.

Ep. 47 - Frank Bruni

Dodany: 5 maja 2016

Frank Bruni, author and columnist for the New York Times, chats with David about his long and diverse career in journalism from New York to Detroit to Rome, Donald Trump`s odds of winning the...

Ep. 46 - Patrick Kennedy

Dodany: 2 maja 2016

Patrick Kennedy, former Democratic congressman from Rhode Island and son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, chats with David about growing up in the Kennedy family, his battle with mental illness and...

Ep. 45 - Arthur Brooks

Dodany: 28 kwietnia 2016

Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute and author of “The Conservative Heart,” chats with David about his time living in Europe, the U.S. Immigration debate, how to combat...

Ep. 44 - Mike Murphy

Dodany: 25 kwietnia 2016

Republican strategist Mike Murphy sits down with David at the Institute of Politics to discuss his time at Georgetown as a member of the College Republicans, his time on the McCain campaign’s...

Ep. 43 - David Plouffe

Dodany: 21 kwietnia 2016

David Plouffe, former campaign manager for President Obama and currently a top adviser at Uber, chats with David Axelrod about his start in politics working for Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa, Obama’s...

Ep. 42 - Ben Rhodes

Dodany: 18 kwietnia 2016

Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications and speechwriting, speaks with David about his road to the White House, the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11,...

Ep. 41 - Ron Fournier

Dodany: 14 kwietnia 2016

National Journal Political Columnist Ron Fournier sits down with David to talk about his new book, "Love That Boy," and the lessons he learned raising an autistic son, as well as his time covering...

Ep. 39 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Dodany: 7 kwietnia 2016

Ep. 38 - Jamie Kalven

Dodany: 4 kwietnia 2016

Jamie Kalven, the award–winning journalist who broke the Laquan McDonald story in Chicago, speaks with David about the sexual assault on his wife, the city’s rampant gun violence, and what can be...

Ep. 37 - Dan Balz

Dodany: 28 marca 2016

Dan Balz, political reporter at The Washington Post, sits down with David to discuss his start in journalism at the University of Illinois, his career covering politics, and his thoughts on the...

Ep. 36 - Ron Klain

Dodany: 20 marca 2016

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Ep. 35 - Mark Leibovich

Dodany: 14 marca 2016

Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine and author of "This Town," chats with David about his start in journalism, his nearly two decades living in...