Windows Weekly

WW 544: Wouldn't You Like to be a Futzer Too?

Dodany: 16 listopada 2017


Visual Studio Live Share: Coming soon to a pair of programmers near you. New collaboration service coming in early 2018: VS Live Share. New Visual Studio Tools for AI extension. MariaDB as an Azure...

WW 543: This War Ain't Gonna Win Itself

Dodany: 9 listopada 2017


Xbox One X is a game changer, literally, the first true 4K video game console. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This is the kind of press---and lines at their stores---that Microsoft never...

WW 542: Here Comes PWA

Dodany: 2 listopada 2017


Progressive Web Apps: They're coming to Win 10 – and why you should care. All eyes on the Microsoft cloud, earnings analysis for Q1 FY 18. Andromeda mobile device rumors continue to flare. Xbox One...

WW 541: Podcats

Dodany: 26 października 2017


A week in: How's the Fall Creators Update rollout going? Surprisingly well, though not flawless. Plus: Hands-on (again) with Windows Mixed Reality. What it is, what it isn't Windows Phone rollout...

WW 540: Smell the Baguettes

Dodany: 19 października 2017


Surface Book 2 unveiled: in a surprise announcement overshadowing the arrival of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, MS takes the wraps off its coming Surface Book 2. What we liked, didn't about the...

WW 539: Yesterday's Office, Tomorrow

Dodany: 12 października 2017


Microsoft is bringing Edge to Android and iOS. Does this change anything? Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) is done 16299.15 heads to Release Preview.Related: Fall Creators Update for...

WW 538: Digitally Entitled

Dodany: 5 października 2017


Windows 10 version 1709 is complete. (a.k.a. the Fall Creators Update or Redstone 3, its names are legion.)Related: Microsoft holds a mixed-up mixed reality briefing with no real news.Microsoft...

WW 537: Microsoft Ignite 2017

Dodany: 28 września 2017


We're in the podcast center at the Orlando Convention Center with an audience today. And this week, it's all enterprise, all the time!Microsoft 365 gets more plans, features. Bing for Business is...

WW 536: Mary Jo Loves the Xbox One X

Dodany: 20 września 2017


Xbox One X pre-orders are up! If you missed out on the Xbox One X Project Scorpio, good news: You can now preorder the standard console! Also: Paul goes hands-on with the Xbox One X. "We have a...

WW 535: You Should've Named Him Cuphead

Dodany: 14 września 2017


The day after Apple's not-so-compelling iPhone 8 and X announcements, let's talk mobile for the Windows gal/guy. Paul Thurrott is going Android (!) after years on iPhone. Mary Jo Foley is all-in on...

WW 534: Hedgehogs Prohibited

Dodany: 7 września 2017


Fall Surface reveal: Looks like London may be the place. Panos will pump it up at Future Decoded in late October. What are we anticipating? Surface Pro LTE, Surface Book 2 (or 3?). Andromeda: not...

WW 533: Sumo in a Sidecar

Dodany: 31 sierpnia 2017


Well, look at that. Microsoft does have a Cortana strategy. The partnership will put Alexa on Cortana, Cortana on Alexa was initiated by Jeff Bezos over a year ago. What does this mean to Cortana,...

WW 532: The Foley SKU

Dodany: 24 sierpnia 2017


Google Enterprise is all about bringing business-level management to Chromebooks. So maybe Microsoft wasn't so crazy thinking Windows 10 S might appeal to business users. New Windows 10 Fall...

WW 531: B is for Broadwell

Dodany: 17 sierpnia 2017


What did Microsoft know about problems with its Surface devices and when did officials know it? PT has seen a leaked memo and has the scoop - And some follow-up context. Even if Consumer Reports'...

WW 530: Lifting Thor's Hammer

Dodany: 9 sierpnia 2017


Xbox Fall Creators Update test builds start rolling out. Alpha Ring testers get a glimpse of what's coming. Interestingly, this build is 1710, which means it's target arrival date is October....

WW 529: Things to do While You're Eating Ham

Dodany: 2 sierpnia 2017


Windows 10 Creators Update now "fully available," whatever that means. Windows 10 will get eye-tracking functionality. But is this for the Fall Creators Update? Later? Line up for your Mixed...

WW 528: B is for Brad

Dodany: 26 lipca 2017


A rundown of some of the news from the Microsoft earnings announcement. The Great Paint Fiasco of 2017 and how many claimed that Microsoft said it was killing Paint. But it didn't. Actually,...

WW 527: The One Without the Nuts

Dodany: 19 lipca 2017


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: It's almost soup. Meanwhile, the first Creators Update release is now on 50% of Win 10 PCs. Microsoft quietly issues a fix for Surface Pro hibernation problems Some...

WW 526: Live from Inspire

Dodany: 12 lipca 2017


Paul and Mary Jo are live at Microsoft's Inspire conference! Microsoft wraps cloud services into a single offering called Microsoft 365. Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order from Dell EMC, HPE,...

WW 525: Token Ring's Back

Dodany: 5 lipca 2017


A new fiscal year is here. And it is bringing more changes to Microsoft's corporate structure. Windows 10: Microsoft pushes Timeline feature back to March 2018. Windows 10 Autopilot is another...