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Windows Weekly

WW 741: Chimpclamp - Windows 11 updates, Clipchamp, Microsoft Start

Dodany: 9 września 2021

Windows 11 updates, Clipchamp, Microsoft Start
Windows 11 moves past 1.0
Microsoft moves Windows Insiders on Dev Channel to a new Windows 11 branch
Beta Channel Just Gets Windows 11 Bug...

WW 740: Panos Promoted - Windows 11 Launch: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Uncertain

Dodany: 1 września 2021

Windows 11 to launch on October 5: The Good
Microsoft to kick off Windows 11 launch on October 5
Microsoft Will Release Windows 11 on October 5
Microsoft rolls out more fixes and a new 'Microsoft...

WW 739: Panos Paint - Windows 11 fork in the road, Microsoft 365 for business price hike

Dodany: 25 sierpnia 2021

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 commercial is getting a price hike in March 2022
Power Apps portal misconfiguration exposed data for 38 million users. But it's fixed now.
Microsoft Ignite 2021 Part...

WW 738: Gidget Goes to Mexico - Windows 11 updates, PrintNightmare continues, Xbox Game Pass

Dodany: 18 sierpnia 2021

Windows 11 updates, PrintNightmare continues, Xbox Game Pass
Microsoft lights up more Teams Chat features and delivers updated Windows 11 inbox apps for Insider testers
Windows 11 Tip: Change...

WW 737: Super Duper Secure Mode - Windows 11 apps, foldable phones, Edge's secure mode

Dodany: 12 sierpnia 2021

Here come the Windows 11 apps
Microsoft to consolidate multiple OneNote for Windows apps into a single new version
Microsoft Teases Spotify Integration with Windows 11
Microsoft to replace its...

WW 736: Backplate and Pill - Windows 11 comes to the Beta Channel

Dodany: 4 sierpnia 2021

Windows 11: Now in the Beta Channel
Windows 11 Comes to the Insider Beta Channel
Windows 11 Tip: Change Default Apps
Intel Exec Leaks Thunderbolt 5
Microsoft Adds "My Day" Pane to,...

WW 735: So I Kept Drinking - Microsoft's Q2 2021 earnings

Dodany: 28 lipca 2021

Microsoft beats earnings estimates
Microsoft Posts Revenues of $46.2 Billion in Q2 2021
Microsoft: Component shortages not going away any time soon
Microsoft Teams hits 250 million monthly active...

WW 734: Show Me Your Hands, Bob - Office visual refresh, Windows 365 costs, Microsoft Exchange hack

Dodany: 21 lipca 2021

Office visual refresh, Windows 365 costs, Microsoft Exchange hack
Windows 11 Build 22000.71 Brings More Small Refinements
Microsoft starts testing Teams integration with Windows 11
Developers Can...

WW 733: It's Not for People - Windows 365 & Cloud PC, WIndows 11 updates, RiskIQ

Dodany: 14 lipca 2021

Windows 365 & Cloud PC, Windows 11 updates, RiskIQ
Microsoft brings Windows to the cloud with Windows 365 and Cloud PC

More Windows 11 handwringing
Microsoft updates Windows 11 with a bunch of...

WW 732: Black Market ISOs - Testing Windows 11, Microsoft Cloud PC, Goodbye JEDI

Dodany: 8 lipca 2021

Windows 11: Start Your Update Engines
Windows 11: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns
Microsoft Delays Preview of Office Visual Refresh
Should You Test Windows 11 Yet?

WW 731: Gravity of Chill - A rough week for Windows 11

Dodany: 30 czerwca 2021

A rough week for Windows 11
Windows 11 Outrage
TPM Outrage
Microsoft May Change the Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft to require Microsoft Account and network connection to set up...

WW 730: The New Windows 11 - Android Apps, Xbox GamePass, Widgets, and more

Dodany: 25 czerwca 2021

Windows 11 announced - now in rounded corners!
Availability: Free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs beginning this holiday
Compatibility: 64bit processor with 2+ cores, 4GB RAM,...

WW 729: Jerry Said It - Hands-on with the Windows 11 leak

Dodany: 17 czerwca 2021

Windows 11 Leaks
Windows 11 First Impressions
Windows 11: A Few More Screenshots
Windows 11: A Few More Observations
Windows 11: Clean Install
Leaked Windows 11 build shows a Windows 10X-like...

WW 728: Organic Rounded Corners - Making sense of Windows 11

Dodany: 10 czerwca 2021

Making sense of Windows 11
Microsoft pauses Windows 10 preview builds ahead of 'Windows 11' event
Microsoft's doc sheds light on upcoming Windows 10 versions
Microsoft accidentally confirms...

WW 727: Windows Goes to 11 - Microsoft to announce what's next for Windows on June 24

Dodany: 3 czerwca 2021

Microsoft to unveil what's next for Windows on June 24
Here Are the Specifications for the Snapdragon Developer Kit
The Future of Windows App Development is Getting Clearer (Premium)

WW 726: Quake Mode - Here's what happened at Microsoft Build 2021

Dodany: 27 maja 2021

Here's what happened at Microsoft Build 2021
Microsoft Build 2021 Keynote
Build 2021: Windows 10
Windows 10 Throwback: January 21, 2015 (Premium)
Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon Developer Kit for...

WW 725: Leveraging Learnings - Microsoft Build preview

Dodany: 19 maja 2021

Microsoft officially acknowledges Windows 10X isn't happening
Microsoft Confirms 10X Death, Will Bring Some Features to Windows 10
Windows 10 Version 21H1 is Now Available
Microsoft Details...

WW 724: Maine Grapefruit - Windows 10X delayed once again

Dodany: 13 maja 2021

Windows 10X delayed once again
Microsoft drops Windows 10X before it ever launched
The Way Forward for Windows

More Windows
HP Elite Folio First Impressions
Intel Launches 11th-Generation...

WW 723: Save the Date - Goodbye Flash, Windows 10 21H1, Halo Infinite

Dodany: 6 maja 2021

Windows 10
Microsoft Gets Ready for Windows 10 Version 21H1
Microsoft to Remove Flash from Windows in July
Microsoft buys Flatcar Container Linux creator Kinvolk
Microsoft's new open-source...

WW 722: Everyone's Drinkin' at Home - Learning from Microsoft's Q3 earnings

Dodany: 29 kwietnia 2021

MSFT Q3 FY21 earnings
Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition
Microsoft Posts Huge Numbers in Latest Quarter
Microsoft says Windows 10 now on 1.3 billion monthly active...