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Mac Break Weekly

MBW 845: Footballs and Grapefruit - App Store Analytics, NFL & Apple, Quake 1

Dodany: 23 listopada 2022

iOS developers say Apple's App Store analytics aren't anonymous.
Apple Watch can help spot another life-threatening heart condition.
Evernote's next move: joining the Bending Spoons suite of...

MBW 844: The Oscilloscope of Sauron - Green Text Bubbles, SOS Feature, Birkenstocks

Dodany: 16 listopada 2022

Apple sued for allegedly deceiving users with privacy settings after Gizmodo story.
One trick Apple uses to make you think green bubbles are "gross".
Apple to begin mass production on AR & VR...

MBW 843: Prefabulated Amulite - China, Apple's Advertising Network, Siri

Dodany: 9 listopada 2022

Apple expects iPhone 14 shipments to be delayed by Covid restrictions in China
Apple's bargain with Beijing: access to China's factories — and consumers.
Chips and China.
Apple building...

MBW 842: You've Been Spatialized! - Q4 Results, M2 Pro & Macs, Gambling Ads

Dodany: 2 listopada 2022

Amid tech industry fears, Apple reports record Q4 results .
Report: M2 Pro and M2 Max Macs coming in 2023, not 2022.
Amazon Prime now comes with a full music catalog of 100 million songs and...

MBW 841: A Deck of Crackers - macOS Ventura, 2022 iPad's, U2

Dodany: 26 października 2022

Jason's macOS Ventura review: A work in progress.
"My next Mac might be the last."
macOS 13 Ventura: The Ars Technica review.
Apple releases iOS 16.1 with support for iCloud Shared Photo...

MBW 840: Micro Bacon and the New iPads - Apple TV 4k, M2 iPad Pro, DaVinci Resolve

Dodany: 19 października 2022

Apple announces Apple TV 4K with A15 Bionic Chip and HDR10+ for $129.
Apple's redesigned entry-level iPad has an A14 chip and USB-C charging.
Apple announces an M2-powered iPad Pro with WiFi 6E....

MBW 839: What Is Apple Hiding? - Steve Jobs AI, Meta Quest Pro, iPadOS 16.1

Dodany: 12 października 2022

Mac shipments shoot up a whopping 40%.
Steve Jobs AI features in spooky 'interview' with Joe Rogan AI.
This is Meta Quest Pro.
iPadOS 16.1 slated for late October launch with new hardware.

MBW 838: It's A Long Way to Certiorari - USB-C & EU, Tony Blevins, Tim Cook in EU

Dodany: 5 października 2022

The EU will require USB-C charging for mobile devices by the end of 2024.
Apple loses second bid to challenge Qualcomm patents at U.S. Supreme Court.
Ventura 10 beta seeded to devs.
Apple seeds...

MBW 837: He Left in a Hurry-cane - Apple Watch Ultra, Super Bowl, Apple Pay Later

Dodany: 28 września 2022

Apple Watch Running Review - Runner's Newsletter.
New M2 iPad Pro and Mac mini, with no event.
Apple to sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
Apple Pay Later may not arrive until next year due...

MBW 836: Travis, I'll Take One of Each - iPhone 14 Pro Camera, Battery Icon, iOS 16 Bugs

Dodany: 21 września 2022

iPhone 14 Pro Camera preview: the hardware changes.
iPhone 14 Pro drop test: How it holds up.
Wait times for iPhone 14 Pro models up to 6 weeks as demand surges.
Kuo - Some predictions for the...

MBW 835: Dynamic Peninsula - Dynamic Island, Apple Watch, Dark Sky

Dodany: 14 września 2022

Apple releases iOS and macOS fixes to patch a new zero-day under attack.
iPhone 14's notch vs. iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island compared.
Apple Watch's S8 chip features same CPU as S6 and S7....

MBW 834: The Magic 8-Snell - iPhone 14 Pro, App Store, macOS

Dodany: 7 września 2022

The Apple Event is right around the corner. What to expect?
iPhone 14 Pro's two hole-punch cutouts may look like a single 'wide pill'.
Apple Watch Pro renders and leaked cases show off a larger...

MBW 833: Beard Tectonics - Apple Event, iPhones in China, DOJ

Dodany: 31 sierpnia 2022

Apple Event: September 7th, 2022.
Leaker claims to have hands-on iPhone 14 details from developers.
Apple iPhones make up half of all premium smartphones sold in China.
Apple faces growing...

MBW 832: A Fine Patina - iPhone 14, Stage Manager, M2 MacBook Air

Dodany: 24 sierpnia 2022

Apple is just three weeks away from showing off the iPhone 14.
Apple workers launch petition over company's reported return-to-office plan.
Apple's new iPad multitasking system doesn't cut it...

MBW 831: The Fluid Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus - Apple Offices, MacOS Security, Ads on iPhone

Dodany: 17 sierpnia 2022

Apple sets return-to-office deadline of Sept. 5 after Covid delays.
A single flaw broke every layer of security in macOS.
Zoom's auto-update feature came with hidden risks on Mac.
Apple finds...

MBW 830: A Latte and a Baked Good - Apple TV+, iOS 16 Battery Icon, iCloud

Dodany: 10 sierpnia 2022

Ted Lasso stars thought no one would watch Apple TV+.
Apple kept Ben Stiller in the dark over 'Severance' viewership.
Apple TV+ aims for Pixar highs with the launch of its first major animated...

MBW 829: The Keyser Söze Model - 3rd Quarter Results, Apple Car Execs, Touch ID

Dodany: 3 sierpnia 2022

Apple reports third quarter results.
Six Colors charts.
People aren't buying as many PCs — and Intel is feeling the multibillion-dollar burn.
Apple nabs key Lamborghini executive to work on its...

MBW 828: Woz Not Here Man - Apple Newton, Rene Ritchie, Apple-1 Prototype

Dodany: 27 lipca 2022

Apple begins to show rare vulnerability ahead of economic showdown.
For All Mankind' prop fused an Apple Newton MessagePad 120 and an iPhone 12.
M2 MacBook Air teardown: Apple forgot the...

MBW 827: A Response With Lots of Nines - Apple Pay, Apple Arcade, Jony Ive

Dodany: 19 lipca 2022

M2 MacBook Air review: a new era.
Apple reportedly wants to slow down hiring in 2023.
Apple Pay lawsuit filed by firm that won ebook and developer antitrust cases.
Russia says it will fine Apple...

MBW 826: Snelled It! - iOS 16 Beta, M2 MacBook Air, Oregon Trail

Dodany: 13 lipca 2022

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope.
Apple's iOS 16, macOS Ventura and watchOS 9 public betas are ready to download.
Inside Apple's eight-year struggle to build a self-driving car....