Mac Break Weekly

MBW 564: Leakers Gonna Leak

Dodany: 20 czerwca 2017


Leo is back, and now he has a 10.5" iPad Pro. iOS 11 makes Macs less necessary than ever. HomePod could be the best speaker for you. Would you spend $17,000 for a top of the line iMac Pro? Apple's...

MBW 563: Dongle Fever

Dodany: 14 czerwca 2017


Jason Snell fills in for the vacationing Leo Laporte to discuss what we've learned since WWDC a week ago. We get first impressions of HomePod and a review of the new iPad Pro. iOS 11 will have a...

MBW 562: Teraflops Make Me Tingly

Dodany: 6 czerwca 2017


Leo Laporte, Rene Ritchie, and Alex Lindsay are out this week, so Andy Ihnatko takes over the show and brings in a panel of developers to discuss Apple's 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference....

MBW 561: Self-Organizing Nanoballs

Dodany: 31 maja 2017


WWDC is less than a week away! What will Apple announce at their yearly developers conference? Updated MacBooks? New iMacs? A Siri speaker to compete with Google Home and the Amazon Echo? Dare we...

MBW 560: My Special Tipple

Dodany: 23 maja 2017


Tim Cook's wearable blood sugar monitor: will the Apple Watch soon save thousands of lives? WWDC is two weeks away, and we talk about the rumors and announcements we're hoping for. Apple's...

MBW 559: Win32 Must Die!

Dodany: 17 maja 2017


Sal Soghoian joins us to talk about automation and his new CMD-D Conference. WannaCry attack shows that Tim Cook was right to refuse the FBI access to San Bernadino iPhone. Apple Watch detects...

MBW 558: Whistling, Dancing Penguins

Dodany: 9 maja 2017


Rumors abound about a Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor is in the works. As Amazon releases the new Echo Show with a touch screen and video calls, is Apple too late to the game? Apple is the...

MBW 557: We're All Sheeple Now

Dodany: 3 maja 2017


At their MicrosoftEDU event, Microsoft announced the 13.5" Surface Laptop, which looks a lot like the laptop that Apple should be making. Luckily, Apple has a $250 billion pile of cash to soak up...

MBW 556: Un-Unroll Me!

Dodany: 26 kwietnia 2017


Two more entries in the seemingly endless stream of Uber scandals. Scandal #1: Uber almost gets kicked out of Apple's App Store for identifying iPhones. Scandal #2:, which bills itself as...

MBW 555: Shufflepuck Cafe

Dodany: 19 kwietnia 2017


New Mac Pro needs to be versatile to survive. Apple has a secret team working on a noninvasive diabetes sensor. iPhone 8 to have curved OLED screen, vertical dual camera, tiny bezel. Apple gets...

MBW 554: TWiT Different

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2017


The Turkish Crime Family's deadline is over - did your iPhone get wiped? Apple could win big under Trump by repatriating assets. We look at the full transcript of Apple's Mac Pro announcement. Mac...

MBW 553: More Than 5 Pounds Is Wasted

Dodany: 5 kwietnia 2017


Apple updates the Mac Pro and promises it is "completely rethinking" the design of the upcoming Mac Pro... for 2018. iPad sales are better than you might think. Looks like there won't be a spring...

MBW 552: Eating Pudding in a Hot Tub

Dodany: 28 marca 2017


The Turkish Crime Family wants iTunes gift cards - change your iCloud password! iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS updates are here. Power your MacBook with an iPhone? Trump and Kushner tap Tim Cook....

MBW 551: The Eh Team

Dodany: 21 marca 2017


Apple quietly launches new iPads, iPhone cases, Apple Watch straps, a (Product) Red iPhone 7, a 128GB iPhone SE, and a new social video app called Clips. More reports suggest that augmented reality...

MBW 550: Refurb Macness

Dodany: 14 marca 2017


Rumor has it that new iPads are already being tested in the wild, and could show up as early as next week. Apple puts an end to Genius training in Cupertino. Apple nixes apps that use Rollout. 2016...

MBW 549: Weeping Angels

Dodany: 7 marca 2017


The CIA is hacking us all, and using silly code names to do it. Is Apple even having a Spring event? Now rumors say the iPhone 8 will keep the lightning port instead uf USB-C. Apple shareholders...

MBW 548: The Scuttlebutt Method

Dodany: 1 marca 2017


Credible rumors state that the iPhone 8 will cost $1,000, have a curved OLED screen, and USB-C will replace the Lightning port. Apple's new campus, due to open in April, is officially named "Apple...

MBW 547: Fine Without the Chime

Dodany: 22 lutego 2017


Apple acquires facial recognition firm RealFace, new Mac malware blamed on the same Russian group responsible for the election hacks, Apple is fighting new legislation giving users the 'right to...

MBW 546: Pepper Pots and the Invisible Woman

Dodany: 15 lutego 2017


Apple stock at its highest ever. Debut trailers for Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karoke. Eddy Cue wants more interactive TV. New Mac malware. Apple joins the Wireless Power Consortium. Tim Cook...

MBW 545: Pretty Graphs

Dodany: 7 lutego 2017


76 apps vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks - some with financial and medical logins. Apple quarterly earnings - iPhones up, iPads down. Apple could be designing their own MacBook chips. Robert...