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Mac Break Weekly

MBW 716: Not Constrained by Time and Space

Dodany: 3 czerwca 2020

WWDC Preview, iOS Update Blocks Jailbreak
The Week's Stories:Apple Music and Tim Cook support Black Lives Matter. Facebook is another matter.Tim Cook's George Floyd memo to staffiOS 13.5.1 update...

MBW 715: Smokin' These Meats

Dodany: 26 maja 2020

HBO Max vs. AppleTV+, New iPhone Jailbreak
The Week's Stories:HBO Max launches May 27th, and everyone is confused about it. New jailbreak works on all iPhones, even on the most recent iOS 13.5. Is...

MBW 714: Amish That up for Me

Dodany: 20 maja 2020

Apple AR Glasses Coming in 2021
The Week's Stories:Jon Prosser: Apple Glass AR glasses will come out in March - June 2021, cost $499 Apple will start returning workers to the office soonApple...

MBW 713: Quacks McThrashalot

Dodany: 13 maja 2020

Apple re-opens USA stores, Mini-LED vs. LCD, Hamilton on Disney+
The Week's Stories:Elon Musk re-opens Tesla Factory, defying stay-at-home orderApple re-opens several stores in states that do not...

MBW 712: Bye-Bye Butterfly

Dodany: 6 maja 2020

13" MacBook Pro First Look, WWDC 2020 June 22nd
The Week's Stories:Apple releases new 13" MacBook Pro with Magic keyboard and physical escape keyAt long last, the butterfly keyboard is gone for...

MBW 711: ARM Twist

Dodany: 29 kwietnia 2020

iPhone SE Review, iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Review
The Week's Stories:The worst product Apple ever madeiPhone SE reviewiPad Pro Magic Keyboard reviewApple to make its own Mac chips in 2021iOS 0-Day...

MBW 710: Dinguses on the Screen

Dodany: 22 kwietnia 2020

iPhone SE first impressions, iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review.
The Week's Stories:iPhone SE beats Android phones in every way except the cameraiPad Pro Magic Keyboard review - there is a good reason...

MBW 709: Masks and Meringue

Dodany: 15 kwietnia 2020

Apple + Google Coronavirus Tracker, iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 Pro
This Week's Stories:Apple and Google's Coronavirus tracer API: privacy nightmare or healthcare savior? (Or both?)MacBook Air Review -...

MBW 708: Another Brick in My Backpack

Dodany: 8 kwietnia 2020

iPhone SE Leaks, Apple Makes 1 Million+ Face Shields.Apple makes 1 million+ face shields per week for healthcare workersiPhone SE leaks: launch will either be April 15th or last Friday, iPhone 8...

MBW 707: Drunk With Conviction

Dodany: 1 kwietnia 2020

Apple buys Dark Sky, iPhone 9 coming soon.Apple buys Dark Sky hyperlocal weather appNo Apple March event - but iPhone 9 might still be coming soonApple struggles with secrecy in a work-from-home...

MBW 706: Now in Pink Cactus

Dodany: 25 marca 2020

This week's stories:Rene Ritchie reviews the new iPad ProAlex Lindsay explains how the new iPad Pro uses LiDARWill Apple's AR camera will be a killer app or a gimmick?Does the iPad Pro keyboard...

MBW 705: Disastertunity

Dodany: 18 marca 2020

This Week's Stories:Movie studios releasing first-run movies direct-to-stream to fight coronavirusStreaming services, online concerts, and Sick Burn on the roofLots of leaks and rumors, but will...

MBW 704: Bagel Philanthropy

Dodany: 11 marca 2020

Stories of the Week:Coronavirus: Apple tells employees worldwide to work from homeCoronavirus: Apple gives retail employees unlimited sick leaveCoronavirus: iPhone 9 and 12 delayedCoronavirus: App...

MBW 703: Greek the Tim-Tams!

Dodany: 4 marca 2020

This Week's StoriesWoz is NOT Patient Zero!Google has canceled I/O due to Coronavirus. Is Apple's WWDC next?Tim Cook addresses Coronavirus concerns in shareholder meetingBad guys can't use...

MBW 702: Baby Alex

Dodany: 26 lutego 2020

This Week's Stories: JIF vs GIF: The peanut butter weighs in on the pronunciation debate of the agesLet's just get rid of animated GIFs and use animated PNGs instead!COVID-19: Apple moves...

MBW 701: Inside the Convolution Kernel

Dodany: 19 lutego 2020

TWiT Audience Survey- ENDS FEBRUARY 19TH!!!It's time for TWiT's annual audience survey and we want to hear from you! It only takes five minutes.Please visit twit.tv/survey and let us know what you...

MBW 700: You Don't Have to Yell

Dodany: 12 lutego 2020

This Week's Stories:Taika Waititi blasts MacBook keyboard at the 2020 OscarsSamsung Galaxy S20 announcement - that's a lot of megapixelsSamsung Galaxy Z Flip is a laptop in your pocketAre all...

MBW 699: Crying in HDR

Dodany: 5 lutego 2020

This Week's Stories:Election tech nightmare in IowaApple's record quarter - almost 8 billion dollars a month5G is still not going to work in 2020Apple grows in Europe and India1.5 Billion Apple...

MBW 698: Fisher-Price Quality

Dodany: 29 stycznia 2020

This Week's Stories:Apple Quarterly Report expectationsCould Coronavirus slow iPhone production?Apple TV+ still needs a hitApple in talks to buy MGMRottenTomatoes AppleTV+ ratingsApple surging in...

MBW 697: Stop Sniffing My AirPods

Dodany: 22 stycznia 2020

This Week's Stories:Did Apple drop plans to fully encrypt iCloud at FBI request? Or is it more complicated?Why banning face recognition misses the pointBlueberry-scented AirPods take 71% of the...