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A Moment of Science

The Palo Verde, It's Easy Being Green

Dodany: 31 marca 2020

Not just any old plant has what it takes to survive desert heat. Desert plants like cacti are remarkable for their unique adaptations to one fo the harshest climates on the planet. The palo verde...

Thick Skin

Dodany: 30 marca 2020

All skin is either classified as thick or thin. The palms of your hands, soles of your feet, and your lips are examples of thick skin.

Octopus Games

Dodany: 27 marca 2020

Octopuses can figure out mazes, learn by watching each other, even open jars to get at food. Few people realize how intelligent an octopus is.

Your Signature Moves

Dodany: 26 marca 2020

Each one of us has a signature style to how we move and walk. Of course, after a long day or over a lifetime, that appearance will probably change. But the inner workings of how our muscles move...

The Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting Faster Than Expected

Dodany: 25 marca 2020

The Greenland ice sheet is melting due to global climate change, and this melting may become the biggest single contributor to rising sea levels in this century. The ice sheet is enormous. It's...

The Duality Of Hummingbird Bills

Dodany: 23 marca 2020

A hummingbird's bill is for both pollination and combat. Hummingbirds use their bills to knock other birds off their perches and to fence while they hover over flowers.

Firefly Mating Signals

Dodany: 20 marca 2020

Firefly flashes are actually mating signals. Male fireflies cruise the evening air, flashing their lanterns in a pattern characteristic of their species, looking for females of their own kind. 

The Ancestry Of Arctic Sled Dogs

Dodany: 19 marca 2020

Dogs and their closest wild relatives, wolves, both came to North America from Eurasia. The earliest dogs in the Americas were introduced at least ten thousand years ago. 

Curds And Whey

Dodany: 18 marca 2020

Everyone knows the children's rhyme about Miss Muffet eating curds and whey, but what exactly are curds and whey? Let's find out, on today's Moment of Science. 

Koalas Have Sensitive Stomachs

Dodany: 17 marca 2020

Koalas are such picky eaters that sometimes that won't even eat species of eucalypt that aren't their preferred choice. This preference stems from the fact that their stomachs simply can't handle it.

The Benefits Of Communicating In Person

Dodany: 9 marca 2020

It is very easy to ignore requests made via email, while similar requests made in person are met with understanding. All of this has to do with psychology. Email lacks the verbal cues and body...

How Butterflies Found A Place In The Sun

Dodany: 6 marca 2020

Winter mornings can be drab, which is why many people look forward to birds and butterflies returning in spring. Butterflies are good at brightening the day. It sems fitting, since they evolved...

Springs In The Cafeteria

Dodany: 5 marca 2020

You're in a line at a cafeteria. You take a plate off the top of a stack of plates. The other plates in the stack rise from below just far enough to present the next plate at the same height as the...

A Satellite, Cubed

Dodany: 3 marca 2020

A CubeSat is the size of a toaster, weighs about three pounds, and orbits the Earth. These nanosatellites are a particularly tiny type of research spacecraft. They were originally proposed about 20...

Apes Can Plan Ahead

Dodany: 2 marca 2020

You probably plan ahead for many things like events, your day tomorrow, and emergencies. Contrary to previous thought, it looks like humans aren't the only animals able to do this. Bonobos, our...

The Neurology Of Audiobooks

Dodany: 28 lutego 2020

At first glance, or listen, it would seem that listening to a book read aloud in an audio recording would be very different from reading a physical copy. But reading gets processed in the brain,...

Autism And Tone Of Voice

Dodany: 27 lutego 2020

A variety of characteristics are used to diagnose autism in children. Often, it's poor social and communication skills which others observe in children that compel parents to get a child tested....

Why Cockroaches Escape

Dodany: 26 lutego 2020

The all-too familiar American cockroach almost seems to know where you're going to strike. What's the tip-off that sends the cockroach running?

The Origin Of The Electric Eel's Electricity

Dodany: 24 lutego 2020

There's a reason you won't find electric eels at your local petting zoo. These fierce creatures can release over 800 volts of electricity. Today we will investigate precisely how these powerful...

Why Don't Animals Have Three Legs?

Dodany: 24 lutego 2020

It seems like a lot of animals use only three limbs sometimes, and since using three limbs seems to work well for them, why haven't any of them evolved that way?