A Moment of Science

Sleep 1 and Sleep 2

Dodany: 25 maja 2018


You probably feel like your sleeping schedule is out of whack in some manner. Either you sleep too much, too little, or wake up too often. In fact, the typical eight hour uninterrupted sleep is...

Otoacoustic Emissions And Your Ear Health

Dodany: 24 maja 2018


Otoacoustic emissions are noises that your ears generate and emit. When you hear a tone or noise, the noise waves are transmitted to a part of your inner ear called the cochlea. Electrical Signals...

Plant Hair

Dodany: 23 maja 2018


Have you ever seen a hairy plant? Plants may appear to have hair, but the technical term for plant hair is trichomes. These trichomes may resemble hair, but they're not the same as what we mammals...

Blood And Brain Aging

Dodany: 22 maja 2018


Something in our blood appears to play a key role in aging. Studying blood may give us valuable ways to combat it. Evidence comes from the experimental procedure called parabiosis. In laboratories,...

Simple and Complex Carbs

Dodany: 21 maja 2018


Despite what past diet fads may have led us to believe, carbohydrates are our bodies' preferred source of energy. All carbohydrates share the same fate of being broken down into sugars that are...

Birds Can Control Fire

Dodany: 18 maja 2018


For a long time, most people thought one of the things that make human beings unique are the animals on Earth that can control fire. Even scientists thought so, too. But Australian aboriginal...

What Can Defibrillators and AEDs do?

Dodany: 17 maja 2018


You've probably seen a doctor on tv shock someone the minute they flatline, right? That may be how it's done on TV, but not in real life. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

What Is A Glacier?

Dodany: 16 maja 2018


The story of any glacier begins with snowfall. When more snow accumulates on the ground rather than melts, it begins to build up. This built-up snow changes from fluffy powder into ice pellets, and...

Water on the Sun

Dodany: 15 maja 2018


Is there water on the sun? Learn more on this Moment of Science.

Neanderthals And Art

Dodany: 14 maja 2018


A listener writes: Dear A Moment of Science, I know that prehistoric humans had the ability to draw, and made some amazing cave art. But what about Neanderthals? Did they make cave art, too? Art...

Science Activity With Two Quarters

Dodany: 11 maja 2018


Put a quarter on the table, with George Washington’s head right side up. Hold the quarter down with your finger. Now, put another quarter flat on the table, again with Washington right side up....

Life Twelve Miles Underground

Dodany: 10 maja 2018


Last weekend I went caving. I was amazed at how much life there is underground: cave crickets, bats, even cave fish. As I explored, I wondered “How deep can life exist underground? Microbial Life...

Your Phone And Computer Screens Are Keeping You Awake

Dodany: 9 maja 2018


Lately, it seems like everyone I know has the same problem: When it’s time for bed, they don’t feel sleepy. While there can be many reasons for why someone’s sleep schedule changes, including...

Why Did the Dinosaur Cross the Road?

Dodany: 8 maja 2018


There is plenty of evidence, after all, that modern day birds evolved from dinosaurs. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

Your Brain Suppresses Your Vision

Dodany: 7 maja 2018


Have you ever looked into a mirror in an attempt to see your eye’s movements? You probably noticed as you shifted focus from one to the other that you couldn’t see the movements, but you knew that...

Microwaves And Pollution

Dodany: 4 maja 2018


After a year or two of use, the microwave you bought for that dorm room or first apartment probably doesn’t look like it did when you first pulled it out of the box. You “zapped” more gooey, smelly...

The Elastic Ruler

Dodany: 3 maja 2018


Here’s a fun demonstration you can do at home with your kids. All you need is a ruler and a saucepan full of water. Hold the ruler vertically and lower it half-way into the water on the side of the...

Depressed Time, Non-Depressed Time

Dodany: 2 maja 2018


Have you ever noticed that time seemed to fly by? Or maybe the minutes just dragged on and on? Researchers from the University of Limerick in Ireland and the University of Hertforshire, in the UK...

The Dating Lives Of Turkeys

Dodany: 1 maja 2018


You probably already know that turkeys engage in courtship behavior. They blush and fan their tails and strut around while emitting a low drumming noise. It's attractive if you're a female turkey....

Spring Light

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2018


When people talk about springtime they usually talk about warm weather or melting snow or the robins returning. But for most living things the real sign of spring is increasing sunlight. The sun is...