A Moment of Science

Welcome To Mars

Dodany: 23 marca 2017


Learn about the technology needed to begin a Martian settlement.

A Hyena’s Sibling Rivalry

Dodany: 22 marca 2017


If you grew up with a brother or sister, you probably know what sibling rivalry is like. For a spotted hyena though, sibling rivalry is a matter of life and death.

Your Skin’s Thermometer

Dodany: 21 marca 2017


What are heat and cold receptors and how do they help regulate skin's temperature?

Choosing the Perfect Date Movie

Dodany: 20 marca 2017


How do you choose the perfect date movie? Find out on this Moment of Science.

Soft Robots Shaped Like Octopi

Dodany: 17 marca 2017


Scientists are using soft materials such as rubber and liquids to build new robots.

What Is Fire?

Dodany: 16 marca 2017


The ancient Greeks believed that fire--along with earth, water, and air--was one of the four essential elements that made up the world. This might leave you wondering where fire truly fits in. What...

Delicious Wasp Tombs

Dodany: 15 marca 2017


Figs seem simple, but they're much more complicated than they appear.

Upset Stomach, Upset-Looking Tongue

Dodany: 14 marca 2017


Learn about Black Tongues and Stomach Aches on this Moment of Science.

Murphy’s Toast

Dodany: 13 marca 2017


If you're eating toast, and you accidentally bump it to the floor, it seems more likely to land buttered side down. This is one of the most common formulations of Murphy's law, the tongue-in-cheek...

Growing Plants Indoors

Dodany: 10 marca 2017


An easy way to have a green thumb is by finding a plant that will thrive in your home or office.

Future Milk

Dodany: 9 marca 2017


Which species provides milk that is extremely protein rich and has three-times the caloric value of buffalo milk?

Airplane Contrails

Dodany: 7 marca 2017


On a perfectly cloudless day, you may still see two or three long white lines smeared across the perfect blue sky by airplanes like smudges on a pane of glass. Why do airplanes sometimes leave...

The Search For Microbial Life On Europa

Dodany: 6 marca 2017


Water jets may aid our search for life on Europa.

Popping Ears on a Train

Dodany: 3 marca 2017


When a train enters a tunnel, it compresses the air in front of it like a piston. Unlike outside air, air in a tunnel can't be simply pushed aside--the tunnel walls are in the way.

Death By Thirst: Last Of The Woolly Mammoths

Dodany: 1 marca 2017


The Wooly mammoth population on St. Paul Island became extinct approximately 5,000 years later than the Wooly mammoths of mainland Alaska.

How Do Paper Towels Absorb Water?

Dodany: 28 lutego 2017


You see, paper towels are made up of cellulose fibers, which also make up cotton, wood, and most other plants. These cellulose fibers are actually giant molecules that consist of many small...

Studying Alcoholism in Rats

Dodany: 27 lutego 2017


One research study showed that deactivating amygdala cells in rats addicted to alcohol removed their urge to drink.

Physics of the Fall

Dodany: 24 lutego 2017


Skydiving has become an increasingly popular sport, although most of us haven't yet taken the plunge and only enjoy it from the sidelines. If you've seen video of skydivers in action, especially...

A Rainbow’s Ghostly Cousin

Dodany: 23 lutego 2017


Fogbows are created in much the same way as normal rainbows are. The main difference is the size of the water droplets which affect the light's refraction. The smaller the droplets the less colors...

Jumping Worms

Dodany: 22 lutego 2017


Amythas, an invasive species in the Midwestern United States, removes leaf litter from forest floors at roughly double the rate of earthworms.