A Moment of Science

Spider Milk

Dodany: 24 kwietnia 2019

Some insects and spiders produce a milk-like substance to feed their offspring.

Dracula Ants

Dodany: 22 kwietnia 2019

The Dracula ant moves faster than the cheetah, even if it doesn't run faster.

The Uneven Rise Of The Eastern Seaboard

Dodany: 19 kwietnia 2019

In New York, the sea has risen a foot over the past century, and in Maine, a half foot. How can we explain that difference?

Clever Crows Can Sense Weight

Dodany: 18 kwietnia 2019

In a recent experiment, crows were able to judge the weights of objects simply by watching how they behaved in a breeze.

Cranes Speak With Their Bodies

Dodany: 17 kwietnia 2019

Although it can't talk, the five-foot tall Whooping Crane can communicate in a variety of other ways.

Ancient Termite Mounds

Dodany: 16 kwietnia 2019

Recently, an international team of entomologists made a discovery highlighting the architectural abilities of termites.

How Moths Hide From Bats

Dodany: 15 kwietnia 2019

In the same way that visual camouflage makes things hard to see, acoustic camouflage makes it hard for bats to see moths.

The Genetics Behind Dog Breeds

Dodany: 12 kwietnia 2019

In a preliminary report, researchers found that the personality traits we ascribe to different dog breeds have a basis in the dogs’ DNA.

New Solutions For International Wildlife Trafficking

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2019

Every year, millions of birds are taken from places like Brazil to sell around the world, and it is devastating tropical bird populations.

The Psychology Of Stressful Performance

Dodany: 10 kwietnia 2019

Research shows that when activities require thinking, we’re more prone to choke.

Vikings Made Cats Bigger

Dodany: 9 kwietnia 2019

A recent study from the University of Copenhagen decided to examine the many cat skeletons at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.

Gambling Monkeys

Dodany: 8 kwietnia 2019

A recent study shows that monkeys place a high value on satisfying their curiosity.

Decanting Wine Changes Its Chemistry

Dodany: 5 kwietnia 2019

A decanter is a rather mysterious object that inspires questions about how to use it, and what function decanting actually serves.

A Whale Baby’s Legacy

Dodany: 4 kwietnia 2019

The noises that baleen whales use to communicate are being drowned out by the engines of ships at sea.

How Attitudes Can Change Performance

Dodany: 3 kwietnia 2019

Sometimes attitudes about genes can affect human behavior more than the genes actually do.

Inventing A New Kilogram

Dodany: 2 kwietnia 2019

The kilogram was officially defined as the mass of a particular cylinder of platinum alloy cast in 1889 and stored in a special vault in France.

Mpingo, The Music Tree

Dodany: 1 kwietnia 2019

For the last hundred years or so mpingo wood has been the primary material used to make clarinets and other small woodwind instruments.

The Dangers Of Methane

Dodany: 29 marca 2019

Just one glacier can release up to 41 tons of methane from meltwater a day during the summer months.

The Bizarre Life Of The Pyrosome

Dodany: 28 marca 2019

The pyrosome is a good example of why we don't need to go to a distant galaxy to find exotic creatures.

Ancient Vanilla Found In Israel

Dodany: 27 marca 2019

In the Bronze Age site of Megiddo in Israel, archeologists found traces of chemical compounds usually found in natural vanilla extract.