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"work" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

work czasownik

work + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 158
work miracles • work wonders • work conditions • work women • work families • work shifts • work side • work order • work people • ...
czasownik + work
Kolokacji: 159
begin working • start working • continue working • stop working • enjoy working • keep working • spend working • like working • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 80
2. start working = pogrąż się w pracy start working
  • She started working as a model at a very early age.
  • But because we didn't have much money, I started working at a young age.
  • He started working his way back to the car's door.
  • Then we start working on the state government for support.
  • After the second part they started working on the third one.
  • More than once I asked him what time he started working each day.
  • At the age of 27 he started working for himself.
  • She began making art at a very young age, but did not start working with film until 1994.
  • He lost both his parents early and had to start working young.
  • In other words, you need to start working as a team.
4. stop working = przestać działać (o sprzęcie elektronicznym) stop working
6. keep working = kontynuuj pracowanie keep working
7. spend working = spędź przy pracowaniu spend working
8. like working = jak pracowanie like working
9. work before moving = praca przed ruszaniem się work before moving
10. work before returning = praca przed wracaniem work before returning
11. love working = pracowanie miłosne love working
12. include working = obejmuj pracowanie include working
13. work before entering = praca przed wchodzeniem work before entering
14. seen working = zobaczony pracujący seen working
15. end up working = koniec w górę pracowania end up working
17. prefer to work = wól pracować prefer to work
18. seem to work = wydawaj się pracować seem to work
19. try to work = spróbuj pracować try to work
20. assigned to work = przypisany pracy assigned to work
21. drive to work = jazda do pracy drive to work
22. plan to work = plan do pracy plan to work
23. want to work = chciej pracować want to work
24. forced to work = zmuszać do pracy forced to work
25. refuse to work = odmów pracowania refuse to work
26. choose to work = postanów pracować choose to work
27. tend to work = miej skłoności do pracowania tend to work
28. quit working = rzuć pracowanie quit working
29. begin to work = zacznij pracować begin to work
30. use to work = wykorzystanie do pracy use to work
31. need to work = potrzeba do pracy need to work
32. hired to work = zatrudniony do pracy hired to work
33. intend to work = miej zamiar pracować intend to work
35. get to work = zabrać się do roboty get to work
36. set to work = zabierać się do pracy set to work
37. start to work = początek do pracy start to work
38. allow to work = pozwól pracować allow to work
39. agree to work = zgódź się pracować agree to work
40. work before joining = praca przed dołączaniem work before joining
41. like to work = lubić do pracy like to work
44. designed to work = zaprojektowany do pracy designed to work
45. fail to work = nie potraf pracować fail to work
46. learn to work = naucz się pracować learn to work
47. walk to work = spacer do pracy walk to work
48. manage to work = daj sobie radę z pracowaniem manage to work
49. found working = znalezione pracowanie found working
50. go to work = chodzić do pracy go to work
51. come to work = przyjść do pracy come to work
52. decide to work = zdecyduj się pracować decide to work
53. work before becoming = praca przed stawaniem się work before becoming
54. work on developing = praca nad rozwijaniem work on developing
55. return to work = powrót do pracy return to work
56. travel to work = podróż do pracy travel to work
57. put to work = daj zajęcie put to work
58. invited to work = zaproszony na pracę invited to work
59. appear to work = wydaj się pracować appear to work
60. make working = marki pracowanie make working
61. sent to work = wysłany do pracy sent to work
62. involve working = wymagaj pracowania involve working
63. leave to work = wyjdź do pracy leave to work
64. ask to work = poproś by pracować ask to work
65. encourage to work = zachęcaj by pracować encourage to work
66. move to work = zabierz się do zmienienia wyraz move to work
67. made to work = zrobiony do pracy made to work
68. work before starting = praca przed zaczynaniem work before starting
69. take to work = zabierz do pracy take to work
70. brought to work = wniesiony do pracy brought to work
71. enable to work = umożliw pracowanie enable to work
72. get working = dostać pracowanie get working
73. report to work = raport do pracy report to work
74. work by blocking = praca przez blokowanie work by blocking
75. prepared to work = przygotowany do pracy prepared to work
76. mean working = oznaczaj pracowanie mean working
77. work before leaving = praca przed wychodzeniem work before leaving
78. hope to work = nadzieja do pracy hope to work
79. resume working = podejmij na nowo pracowanie resume working
80. cease working = zaprzestań pracować cease working
work + przyimek
Kolokacji: 87
work with • work on • work out • work alongside • work toward • work towards • work outside • work up • work off • ...
work + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 319
work together • work hard • work closely • work best • work better • work properly • work extensively • work directly • work alone • ...

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