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top rzeczownik

rzeczownik + top
Kolokacji: 103
tank top • desk top • table top • glass top • top of one's head • top of one's lungs • top of one's voice • top of one's class • ...
top + czasownik
Kolokacji: 11
top comes • top shows • top reaches • top features • top looks • ...
czasownik + top
Kolokacji: 43
make to the top • spend at the top • finish top • reach the top • place on top • blow one's top • cover the top • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
1. make to the top = zrób do szczytu make to the top
2. spend at the top = wydaj u góry spend at the top
3. finish top = koniec szczyt finish top
4. reach the top = dojdź do szczytu reach the top
5. place on top = miejsce wierzchem place on top
6. blow one's top = wpaść w szał, eksplodować, wściec się blow one's top
  • He probably figured that would really make you blow your top.
  • How did I know he was going to blow his top?
  • He was working through a thought, trying to keep from blowing his top.
  • If the teacher finds out you have not been in class he will blow his top.
  • "But it looked to me as if he were about to blow his top before Earl took over."
  • Then suddenly he blew his top while walking down the street one day.
  • If the race manages to keep from blowing its top for a few million years, maybe we'll begin to find out some things.
  • You can depend on a woman, he reflected, to blow her top at the wrong moment.
  • Now maybe I can talk about what happened without blowing my top.
  • Two days later, the No 3 reactor building blew its top.
7. cover the top = przykryj szczyt cover the top
9. put on top = włóż na wierzch put on top
10. see the top = zobacz szczyt see the top
przymiotnik + top
Kolokacji: 55
flat top • white top • black top • big top • convertible top • ...
przyimek + top
Kolokacji: 29
on top • near the top • over the top • off the top • at the top • ...

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