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there przysłówek

przyimek + there
Kolokacji: 13
over there • from there • in there • out there • of there • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
1. over there = tam, hen over there
  • But over there, I'll get a good one a couple of times a summer.
  • Over there, the Government does not use the money to help the people.
  • I know what you must be going through over there, across the river.
  • I do not know what is going on over there.
  • If I come back over there, could you let me in?
  • I got no business to take care of over there.
  • So I tell him that the nature books are right over there.
  • They've had a lot of different things going on over there.
  • Things felt different over there, though she was never sure why.
  • I'll find out what it is he does over there.
2. from there = stamtąd from there
3. in there = tam in there
4. out there = nie z tego świata, dziwaczny, odmienny out there
5. of there = z tam of there
6. for there = dla tam for there
7. to there = aby tam to there
8. on there = na tam on there
9. under there = poniżej tam under there

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