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"television" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

television rzeczownik

rzeczownik + television
Kolokacji: 87
cable television • network television • CBC Television • BBC television • reality television • satellite television • broadcast television • ...
television + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 400
television series • television show • television station • television program • television commercial • television network • television set • ...
television + czasownik
Kolokacji: 41
television shows • produced by Granada Television • television reports • television makes • television says • ...
czasownik + television
Kolokacji: 77
watch television • use television • television set • make television • include television • air on television • appear on television • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 25
2. use television = wykorzystanie telewizja use television
  • Stan looked at the television set on his kitchen counter.
  • We got a television set when I was five, but she didn't let us watch it much.
  • Since then we've been offered ownership of a television set on several occasions.
  • A crowd gathered quickly round the television set near the middle of the room.
  • He placed a television set under a bright light directly before his seat.
  • They moved the television set into the living room and gave the rest of the den furniture to friends who could use it.
  • He turned off the television set on Thursday night disappointed.
  • Chili got up and went over to the television set with the video.
  • Somewhere he sees a television set through an evening window.
  • Right now you have a computer on a desktop and a television set against a wall.
4. make television = marki telewizja make television
6. appear on television = pojaw się w telewizji appear on television
9. watch on television = popatrz w telewizji watch on television
10. tell television = powiedz telewizję tell television
11. see on television = zobacz w telewizji see on television
12. show on television = widowisko w telewizji show on television
13. perform on television = wykonaj w telewizji perform on television
14. go on television = pójdź w telewizji go on television
15. write for television = napisz dla telewizji write for television
16. return to television = powrót do telewizji return to television
17. adapt for television = przystosuj dla telewizji adapt for television
18. play on television = zagraj w telewizji play on television
19. work in television = praca w telewizji work in television
20. make for television = zrób dla telewizji make for television
21. say on television = powiedz w telewizji say on television
22. make on television = zrób w telewizji make on television
23. appear in television = pojaw się w telewizji appear in television
24. make to television = zrób do telewizji make to television
25. produce television = wyprodukuj telewizję produce television
przymiotnik + television
Kolokacji: 138
national television • public television • digital television • live television • high-definition television • local television • ...
przyimek + television
Kolokacji: 24
on television • through television • of television • from television • over television • ...

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