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"satisfaction" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

satisfaction rzeczownik

rzeczownik + satisfaction
Kolokacji: 12
customer satisfaction • job satisfaction • life satisfaction • student satisfaction • consumer satisfaction • ...
satisfaction + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 6
satisfaction rating • satisfaction level • satisfaction survey • satisfaction guarantee • satisfaction score • ...
czasownik + satisfaction
Kolokacji: 41
express satisfaction • find satisfaction • take satisfaction • get satisfaction • feel satisfaction • derive satisfaction • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
2. find satisfaction = znajdź zadowolenie find satisfaction
3. take satisfaction = wymagaj zadowolenia take satisfaction
4. get satisfaction = dostać zadowolenie get satisfaction
  • People come to individual board members when they can't get satisfaction.
  • "I wasn't into doing something and getting satisfaction 10 years later," he says.
  • Both volunteers said they got personal satisfaction from the work.
  • He did things like that, getting great satisfaction from them.
  • "I get satisfaction taking care of other people and in some ways contributing to the world."
  • "I get great satisfaction helping people from all over the world."
  • She asked only if he still got satisfaction out of playing.
  • I believe that the right people get huge satisfaction from success.
  • Well he didn't get much satisfaction with that for some people wouldn't do it.
  • Unfortunately, that isn't a situation in which I get much satisfaction or do my best work.
5. feel satisfaction = poczuj zadowolenie feel satisfaction
7. say with satisfaction = powiedz z zadowoleniem say with satisfaction
9. nod in satisfaction = kiwnięcie głową w zadowoleniu nod in satisfaction
10. note with satisfaction = notatka z zadowoleniem note with satisfaction
11. prove to one's satisfaction = dowodzić czyjś zadowolenie prove to one's satisfaction
12. resolve to one's satisfaction = rozwiązywać aby czyjś zadowolenie resolve to one's satisfaction
13. bring satisfaction = wnieś zadowolenie bring satisfaction
przymiotnik + satisfaction
Kolokacji: 70
great satisfaction • grim satisfaction • personal satisfaction • deep satisfaction • certain satisfaction • ...
przyimek + satisfaction
Kolokacji: 12
with satisfaction • of satisfaction • for satisfaction • to one's satisfaction • in satisfaction • ...

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