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"regulation" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

regulation rzeczownik

rzeczownik + regulation
Kolokacji: 143
government regulation • state regulation • safety regulation • Internet regulation • rent regulation • securities regulation • ...
regulation + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
Regulations Helpful Telephone Number • regulation time • regulation play • regulation game • regulation change • ...
regulation + czasownik
Kolokacji: 94
regulation requires • regulation governing • regulation prohibits • regulation allows • regulation applies • Internet regulation spreads • ...
czasownik + regulation
Kolokacji: 102
issue regulations • enforce regulations • violate regulations • impose regulations • adopt regulations • find on regulations • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
6. find on regulations = znajdź na rozporządzeniach find on regulations
7. follow regulations = postąp zgodnie z rozporządzeniami follow regulations
9. meet regulations = spotkaj się z rozporządzeniami meet regulations
10. comply with regulations = zastosuj się do rozporządzeń comply with regulations
11. write regulations = napisz rozporządzenia write regulations
16. leave in regulation = zostaw w rozporządzeniu leave in regulation
17. implement regulations = wprowadzać przepisy, wdrażać przepisy implement regulations
  • He asked the Act's critics to wait for the bill's implementing rules and regulations to see if the issues were addressed.
  • Now everywhere you turn they have implemented new regulations on business and even our individual lives.
  • He introduced the first (successful) bill implementing federal regulations on interstate commerce in 1872.
  • Sir Humphrey is concerned that implementing such complex regulations will take a long time.
  • To help close the money loop down, some countries have implemented strong regulations regarding the use of funds during political campaigns.
  • On the other hand, mixed courts did not wait for implementing regulations to be enacted.
  • Naturally, the Commission will continue to work towards implementing similar regulations at international level, even after the proposal is accepted.
  • We are wary within the committee of implementing regulations that could turn out to be much too lax.
  • Some states have implemented more stringent regulations for privacy policies.
  • Employees should check their individual agency s implementing regulations also.
19. pass regulations = rozporządzenia przepustki pass regulations
20. review regulations = rozporządzenia przeglądu review regulations
21. reduce regulation = zredukuj rozporządzenie reduce regulation
22. develop regulations = rozwiń rozporządzenia develop regulations
24. set regulations = ustawione rozporządzenia set regulations
26. oppose regulation = sprzeciw się rozporządzeniu oppose regulation
27. contain regulations = zawieraj przepisy contain regulations
28. regulation designed = rozporządzenie zaprojektowało regulation designed
przymiotnik + regulation
Kolokacji: 134
new regulation • federal regulation • environmental regulation • strict regulation • current regulation • local regulation • ...
przyimek + regulation
Kolokacji: 24
against regulations • under regulations • of regulations • by regulations • with regulations • ...

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