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pumpkin rzeczownik

pumpkin + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 17
pumpkin pie • pumpkin seed • pumpkin patch • pumpkin soup • pumpkin puree • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. pumpkin pie = placek nadziewany dynią pumpkin pie
  • His wife is said to make the best pumpkin pie on the island.
  • But there's just something that turns me off about pumpkin pie.
  • As for dessert, pumpkin pie is only half the story.
  • And evidently, pumpkin pie is not for every season, either.
  • Let me just say right off: I am not fond of pumpkin pie.
  • During dessert a piece of pumpkin pie fell to the floor.
  • "The rest of the year, my mother never made real desserts, like pumpkin pie," she said.
  • He snorted so hard I thought pumpkin pie might come through his nose.
  • By then, the tradition of pumpkin pie only in the fall had become well entrenched.
  • The husband returns as a ghost to eat some pumpkin pie.
czasownik + pumpkin
Kolokacji: 6
include pumpkins • smash Pumpkins • sell pumpkins • pick pumpkins • eat pumpkins • ...
przymiotnik + pumpkin
Kolokacji: 10
Great Pumpkin • giant pumpkin • small pumpkin • large pumpkin • big pumpkin • ...
przyimek + pumpkin
Kolokacji: 6
of pumpkins • with pumpkin • for pumpkins • to pumpkins • from pumpkins • ...

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