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perfectly przysłówek

czasownik + perfectly
Kolokacji: 136
work perfectly • fit perfectly • perfectly suited • understand perfectly • perfectly match • perfectly formed • go perfectly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. work perfectly = działaj bez zarzutu work perfectly
3. perfectly suited = doskonale odpowiadać perfectly suited
7. go perfectly = pójdź doskonale go perfectly
  • But of course, every single thing almost never goes perfectly.
  • But this was his most important job and it had gone perfectly.
  • If everything goes perfectly, we may be able to take it alive.
  • If everything went perfectly, there would be no need for shooting.
  • She went perfectly still again when he took the wing in his hands.
  • If everything doesn't go perfectly, and it probably won't, then it'll be more than a week.
  • Every part had gone perfectly into place, with no complaints.
  • The rest of the equipment was brought in for the special showing which went perfectly.
  • So easily hurt in her charge to make sure this went perfectly.
  • It went perfectly with the rest of his exterior, too.
8. stand perfectly = stań doskonale stand perfectly
10. perfectly timed = doskonale ustalić termin perfectly timed
13. perfectly aligned = doskonale ustawić w szeregu perfectly aligned
14. sit perfectly = usiądź doskonale sit perfectly
15. function perfectly = funkcja doskonale function perfectly
17. perfectly preserved = doskonale zachować perfectly preserved
18. perfectly cast = doskonale rzucić perfectly cast
perfectly + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 201
perfectly good • perfectly normal • perfectly clear • perfectly safe • perfectly happy • perfectly capable • perfectly reasonable • ...

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