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overseas przysłówek

czasownik + overseas
Kolokacji: 55
go overseas • serve overseas • travel overseas • sent overseas • live overseas • deployed overseas • work overseas • move overseas • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. go overseas = pójdź za granicą go overseas
3. sent overseas = wysłany za granicą sent overseas
  • He joined the military after high school and was sent overseas.
  • She's someone who would be sent overseas with the first wave.
  • By then more than 600 messages had been sent overseas.
  • Of the almost 9,500 produced by 15 manufacturers, more than 7,500 were sent overseas.
  • During that period, only 12 patients were sent overseas for surgical treatment.
  • The advisers are sent overseas from this month through April.
  • The cases primarily involved sensitive technology and arms being sent overseas, officials said.
  • Women joined the organization and made clothing, which was sent overseas.
  • Furthermore, one negative was made for all of Europe and sent overseas.
  • Army officials said no soldiers were sent overseas without adequate training and equipment.
6. deployed overseas = rozlokowany za granicą deployed overseas
8. move overseas = rusz się za granicą move overseas
9. play overseas = zagraj za granicą play overseas
10. based overseas = oparty za granicą based overseas
11. sold overseas = sprzedany za granicą sold overseas
12. shipped overseas = przewieziony za granicą shipped overseas

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