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move rzeczownik

rzeczownik + move
Kolokacji: 53
career move • dance move • surprise move • signature move • loan move • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. career move = krok do przodu w karierze zawodowej career move
2. dance move = ruch taneczny dance move
  • The dance move with this name is used in various modern dances.
  • So do our government, in case you hadn't noticed, and it ain't for their dance moves.
  • Mixing rock attitude with dance moves goes only so far.
  • As the name implies, there are a total of two steps in this dance move.
  • "We're working out our relationship issues through a series of dance moves."
  • The higher the difficulty, the more dance moves, and the faster they change.
  • While there, the crews taught young students new dance moves.
  • I reached down for her hands, trying to make it into a dance move, but she eluded me.
  • He tried a few of his old dance moves but soon discovered that those, too, were gone for good.
  • Life will never be the same without you and your endless dance moves.
3. surprise move = ruch niespodziewany surprise move
4. signature move = ruch podpisu signature move
5. loan move = ruch pożyczki loan move
6. opening move = ruch otwarcia opening move
move + czasownik
Kolokacji: 127
move follows • move comes • move allows • move leads • move helps • move makes • move means • move takes • move gives • ...
czasownik + move
Kolokacji: 73
perform moves • complete one's move • plan one's move • follow one's move • move is criticized • call a move • link with a move • ...
przymiotnik + move
Kolokacji: 268
bold move • unusual move • smart move • late move • right move • sudden move • wrong move • recent move • similar move • ...
przyimek + move
Kolokacji: 26
after one's move • before one's move • following one's move • including moves • of moves • ...

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