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"locker" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

locker rzeczownik

rzeczownik + locker
Kolokacji: 23
storage locker • Foot Locker • meat locker • metal locker • weapons locker • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 3
1. storage locker = szafka skrytkowa, szafka do przechowywania rzeczy (np. na dworcach kolejowych) storage locker
2. Foot Locker = Stopa Szafka Foot Locker
  • So we opened the foot locker and threw everything to the people.
  • I'm thinking of a foot locker weighing around 60 pounds packed.
  • "Every jeep in the world had a foot locker with all kinds of stuff," he remembered.
  • Once inside, Laura tugged her foot locker over to the computer desk and sat on it.
  • He shouldered his foot locker and stumbled out through the door.
  • But don't ask why the foot locker was dragged in in the first place.
  • "And Foot Locker doesn't want that stuff if it's all over the place."
  • She went on to place fourth in the Foot Locker nationals.
  • All his possessions were in one foot locker and two duffle bags.
  • He sat on his foot locker and waited for the car to come get him; to get this soldier coming home.
3. meat locker = szafka mięsna meat locker
locker + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 6
locker room • locker door • locker key • locker facility • locker area • ...
czasownik + locker
Kolokacji: 8
sit at one's locker • find in one's locker • go to one's locker • clean out one's locker • put in one's locker • ...
przymiotnik + locker
Kolokacji: 6
small locker • empty locker • digital locker • adjacent locker • wooden locker • ...
przyimek + locker
Kolokacji: 10
in one's locker • to one's locker • at one's locker • from one's locker • of lockers • ...

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