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interactive przymiotnik

interactive + rzeczownik
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Interactive tool • interactive map • interactive game • interactive exhibit • interactive service • interactive media • interactive display • ...
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  • This interactive tool will tell you your level of risk.
  • Use our interactive tool to search for an available company name and trade mark.
  • Use our interactive tool to find out the records you must keep as a business.
  • Use our interactive tools to help you take on a new employee.
  • Use our interactive tool to work out which forms of insurance you should have for your business.
  • An interactive tool to estimate the future cost of higher education.
  • Use our interactive tool to identify where you can save money by going green.
  • Use this interactive tool to find out when you are most fertile.
  • Use our interactive tool to check if a website will help you.
  • Use our interactive tool to create a written statement of employment.
4. interactive exhibit = interaktywny dowód rzeczowy interactive exhibit
6. interactive media = interaktywne środki przekazu, media interaktywne interactive media
9. interactive program = interaktywny program interactive program
10. interactive system = system interaktywny interactive system
12. interactive experience = interaktywne doświadczenie interactive experience
13. Interactive Art = Interaktywna Sztuka Interactive Art
14. interactive whiteboard = tablica interaktywna, tablica multimedialna interactive whiteboard
15. interactive exhibition = interaktywna wystawa interactive exhibition
17. interactive website = interaktywny serwis internetowy interactive website
18. interactive technology = interaktywna technika interactive technology
19. interactive installation = interaktywna instalacja interactive installation
21. interactive show = interaktywne widowisko interactive show
22. interactive environment = interaktywne środowisko interactive environment
24. interactive museum = interaktywne muzeum interactive museum
25. interactive travel guide = interaktywny przewodnik turystyczny interactive travel guide
27. interactive portfolio = interaktywny portfel interactive portfolio

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