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hazardous przymiotnik

hazardous + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 43
hazardous waste • hazardous material • hazardous substance • hazardous chemical • hazardous condition • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
  • They have also taken a 40-hour course on hazardous materials.
  • They can work in small places and with hazardous materials.
  • It takes in hazardous materials from 48 states and some foreign countries.
  • The most serious problems were those of health issues related to hazardous materials and working conditions.
  • The operations in your work area where hazardous materials are present.
  • In either state it not classified as a hazardous material.
  • First time agency makes hazardous materials packaging test results available for public use.
  • Those under way include: More training of firefighters to work with hazardous materials.
  • Call your local hazardous materials official or fire department for instructions.
  • The town says that it has conducted its own tests, which show no hazardous materials on the site.
4. hazardous chemical = niebezpieczna substancja chemiczna hazardous chemical
5. hazardous condition = niebezpieczny warunek hazardous condition
6. hazardous waste site = miejsce niebezpiecznych odpadów hazardous waste site
czasownik + hazardous
Kolokacji: 3
consider hazardous • prove hazardous • deem hazardous
przysłówek + hazardous
Kolokacji: 9
potentially hazardous • extremely hazardous • most hazardous • particularly hazardous • environmentally hazardous • ...
hazardous + przyimek
Kolokacji: 3
hazardous to • hazardous for • hazardous in

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