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hang czasownik

hang + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 45
hang one's head • hang Man • hang one's hat • hang gliders • hang down one's back • ...
czasownik + hang
Kolokacji: 16
found hanging • seem to hang • try to hang • want to hang • go to hang • manage to hang • ...
hang + przyimek
Kolokacji: 71
hang out • hang up • hang from • hang over • hang around • hang down • hang above • hang onto • hang off • ...
hang + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 108
hang open • hang low • hang together • hang heavy • hang loosely • hang upside down • hang motionless • hang loose • hang tough • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
1. hang open = stać otworem (np. drzwi) hang open
2. hang together = pasować do siebie (np. elementy czegoś) hang together
  • Always have at least three things all together hanging on.
  • And when we got break time, well, it was natural for us to hang together.
  • I think we'd do better to come in as a group hanging together for security, which is really what we are at this point.
  • But they don't answer the question of how it will hang together.
  • It showed what people can do if they hang together.
  • The fact is that the various policy areas hang together.
  • From the beginning there had been a question about whether the six would hang together in this effort.
  • I'm on to something that is actually starting to hang together.
  • She took me in her arms, and for a few seconds we hung together.
  • Then he would run straight at the others: Without their leader, they might not hang together.
3. hang low = zawieszać niski hang low
4. hang heavy = zawieszać ciężki hang heavy
6. hang upside down = powieś do góry nogami hang upside down
7. hang long = zawieś długo hang long
8. hang heavily = zawieś ciężko hang heavily
9. hang motionless = zawieszać nieruchomy hang motionless
10. hang loose = zachowywać spokój hang loose
11. hang tough = nie dawać się, trzymać się swojego hang tough
12. once hang = kiedyś zawieś once hang
13. hang straight = zawieś prosto hang straight
14. hang high = zawieszać wysoki hang high
15. barely hang = ledwie zawieś barely hang
16. hang well = zawieś dobrze hang well
17. later hanged = później powiesić later hanged
18. hang limply = zawieś bezwładnie hang limply

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