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"frequent" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

frequent przymiotnik

frequent + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 332
frequent visitor • frequent use • frequent guest • frequent contributor • frequent visit • frequent appearance • frequent trip • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 39
2. frequent use = częste wykorzystanie frequent use
7. frequent trip = częsta podróż frequent trip
11. frequent speaker = częsty mówiący frequent speaker
12. frequent flier = osoba często latająca samolotem frequent flier
13. frequent target = częsty cel frequent target
14. frequent critic = częsty krytyk frequent critic
  • But about 7,000 frequent travelers have a way to speed up the process.
  • Like any frequent traveler, I have my own collection of stories.
  • And many of these women are frequent travelers who approach life on the road differently from men.
  • Steps to open it to other frequent travelers are planned for next year.
  • Frequent travelers do not have high hopes for relief this year, either.
  • In the past the industry has been able to pay off its frequent travelers with seats that would have gone empty.
  • Like many frequent travelers, I often mix business with pleasure.
  • All the usual things that a frequent traveler would carry.
  • "It would not surprise me if the average frequent traveler were losing 10 percent of his or her miles every year," he said.
  • Rusty King, the happy frequent traveler, has a new credit card.
18. frequent occurrence = częste zdarzenie frequent occurrence
19. frequent interval = częsta przerwa frequent interval
20. frequent attack = częsty atak frequent attack
21. frequent cause = częsty powód frequent cause
22. frequent commentator = częsty komentator frequent commentator
23. frequent stop = częsta przerwa frequent stop
24. frequent absence = częsta nieobecność frequent absence
25. frequent complaint = częsta skarga frequent complaint
26. frequent subject = częsty temat frequent subject
27. frequent flyer program = częsty program lotnika frequent flyer program
28. frequent lecturer = częsty wykładowca frequent lecturer
29. frequent criticism = częsta krytyka frequent criticism
30. frequent user = częsty użytkownik frequent user
31. frequent travel = częsta podróż frequent travel
34. frequent raid = częsty wypad frequent raid
35. frequent basis = częsta podstawa frequent basis
36. frequent meeting = częste spotkanie frequent meeting
37. frequent source = częste źródło frequent source
38. frequent flier mile = mila osoby często latająca samolotem frequent flier mile
39. frequent theme = częsty temat frequent theme
czasownik + frequent
Kolokacji: 3
become frequent • grow frequent • require frequent
przysłówek + frequent
Kolokacji: 7
most frequent • increasingly frequent • fairly frequent • relatively frequent • particularly frequent • ...
frequent + przyimek
Kolokacji: 6
frequent in • frequent among • frequent during • frequent with • frequent on • ...

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