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fly czasownik

czasownik + fly
Kolokacji: 41
begin flying • come flying • go flying • start flying • learn to fly • plan to fly • continue to fly • allow to fly • try to fly • want to fly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
1. begin flying = zacznij lecieć begin flying
2. come flying = przychodzić lecąc come flying
5. learn to fly = naucz się lecieć learn to fly
6. plan to fly = plan lecenia plan to fly
8. continue to fly = kontynuuj lecenie continue to fly
9. try to fly = spróbuj lecieć try to fly
10. want to fly = chciej lecieć want to fly
11. go to fly = idź do lecieć go to fly
12. seen flying = zobaczone latanie seen flying
13. begin to fly = zacznij lecieć begin to fly
14. scheduled to fly = zaplanowany do muchy scheduled to fly
15. use to fly = użyj by lecieć use to fly
16. let fly = wybuchnąć, wykrzyczeć coś, zaatakować kogoś let fly
  • Wait for the best moment to let fly the arrow.
  • He leaped from his chair and let fly a beautiful right to G-8's jaw.
  • One let fly an arrow that barely missed the young woman.
  • "We are ready to let fly any and all shafts that you require."
  • He softly let fly a fall-away 10-footer across his body.
  • This time, Remo let fly the stone in his right hand.
  • My features now set in determination, I let fly another piece.
  • Danny Young quickly fouled him as he let fly a 55-footer that went in.
  • The man let fly a sigh as though breaking wind.
  • The men held their fire until she was a hundred feet away and then let fly a concentrated blast.
17. stop flying = przestań lecieć stop flying
18. sent flying = wysłane lecenie sent flying
fly + przyimek
Kolokacji: 67
fly over • fly into • fly out • fly off • fly through • fly across • fly around • fly down • fly above • fly toward • fly up • ...
fly + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 137
fly away • fly open • fly low • fly high • fly directly • fly straight • fly overhead • fly apart • fly free • fly faster • fly right • fly far • ...

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