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delicate przymiotnik

delicate + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 256
delicate balance • delicate hand • delicate feature • delicate issue • delicate matter • delicate situation • delicate task • delicate touch • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
2. delicate hand = słaba ręka delicate hand
3. delicate feature = delikatna cecha delicate feature
4. delicate issue = delikatna kwestia delicate issue
5. delicate matter = delikatna sprawa delicate matter
6. delicate situation = delikatna sytuacja delicate situation
7. delicate task = delikatne zadanie delicate task
8. delicate touch = delikatne dotknięcie delicate touch
9. delicate flavor = delikatny smak delicate flavor
10. delicate negotiation = delikatne negocjacje delicate negotiation
11. delicate finger = delikatny palec delicate finger
12. delicate flower = delikatny kwiat delicate flower
13. delicate line = delikatna linia delicate line
14. delicate work = delikatna praca delicate work
15. delicate question = delikatne pytanie delicate question
16. delicate face = delikatna twarz delicate face
17. delicate position = delikatna pozycja delicate position
18. delicate operation = delikatna operacja delicate operation
19. delicate nature = delikatna natura delicate nature
20. delicate skin = słaba skóra delicate skin
21. delicate balancing act = delikatna próba pogodzenia interesów delicate balancing act
22. delicate moment = delikatny moment delicate moment
23. delicate subject = delikatny temat delicate subject
  • At last someone has written about the delicate subject of a failed marriage without taking sides.
  • This probably wasn't the time to bring up a delicate subject, but Buck had never been known for his timing.
  • It was not our place to make inquiries of you on such a delicate subject.
  • Jamie hadn't asked why, because it seemed to be a delicate subject.
  • "I don't like to talk about it much because it's a delicate subject," he said.
  • Only one thing worried him a little: how was he going to open the conversation on such a delicate subject?
  • It was evident that he had touched on a delicate subject.
  • Players here are not supposed to discuss that delicate subject.
  • She didn't even seem conscious of it being a delicate subject.
  • We must admit that this is a very delicate subject.
24. delicate thing = delikatna rzecz delicate thing
25. delicate instrument = czuły instrument delicate instrument
26. delicate beauty = delikatne piękno delicate beauty
27. delicate way = delikatna droga delicate way
28. delicate process = delikatny proces delicate process
przysłówek + delicate
Kolokacji: 18
most delicate • extremely delicate • politically delicate • particularly delicate • surprisingly delicate • ...
delicate + przyimek
Kolokacji: 4
delicate in • delicate of • delicate for • delicate with

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