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decisive przymiotnik

decisive + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 93
decisive victory • decisive battle • decisive action • decisive role • decisive factor • decisive moment • decisive game • ...
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1. decisive victory = zdecydowane zwycięstwo decisive victory
  • It was the most decisive presidential victory in 20 years.
  • But she won no decisive victory in what was widely seen as her best opportunity.
  • The French had lost the opportunity to win a decisive victory.
  • There would be a decisive victory, in a single great battle.
  • The battle ended as a decisive victory for the Republican forces.
  • The war continued through summer but ended with no decisive victory for either side.
  • The battle took place two days later, and the British won in a decisive victory.
  • But have they not now won a great and decisive victory over us?
  • We believe it will be our key to a quick, decisive victory.
  • This could be one of the most decisive victories in years if she can keep it up.
3. decisive action = zdecydowane działanie decisive action
4. decisive role = decydująca rola decisive role
5. decisive factor = czynnik decydujący decisive factor
8. decisive defeat = decydująca porażka decisive defeat
9. decisive step = stanowczy krok decisive step
10. decisive blow = decydujący cios decisive blow
11. decisive goal = decydujący cel decisive goal
12. decisive influence = decydujący wpływ decisive influence
13. decisive run = zdecydowany bieg decisive run
14. decisive vote = zdecydowany głos decisive vote
15. decisive advantage = zdecydowana zaleta decisive advantage
16. decisive point = zdecydowany punkt decisive point

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