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chemical przymiotnik

chemical + rzeczownik
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chemical reaction • chemical weapon • chemical compound • chemical formula • chemical change • ...
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1. chemical reaction = reakcja chemiczna, przemiana chemiczna chemical reaction
  • Human behavior can be reduced to a series of chemical reactions.
  • Fire is a chemical reaction that gives off light and heat.
  • Many chemical reactions produce energy in the form of heat.
  • Also, it did not explain a number of chemical reactions.
  • Many chemical reactions that appear not to take place in fact happen very slowly.
  • It measures the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes.
  • That may have also been some chemical reaction, but I rather doubt it.
  • A number of chemical reactions have water as a product.
  • In other words, a chemical reaction could only proceed if the system lost energy.
  • Love usually has something to do with the chemical reactions in the brain.
2. chemical weapon = broń chemiczna chemical weapon
3. chemical compound = związek chemiczny chemical compound
4. chemical formula = wzór chemiczny chemical formula
5. chemical change = chemiczna zmiana chemical change
6. chemical property = chemiczna właściwość chemical property
7. chemical agent = chemiczny agent chemical agent
8. chemical process = proces przemysłu chemicznego chemical process
9. chemical attack = chemiczny atak chemical attack

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