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audio przymiotnik

audio + rzeczownik
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audio file • audio recording • audio cassette • audio tape • audio CD • audio commentary • audio book • audio track • audio quality • ...
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1. audio file = plik dźwiękowy audio file
2. audio recording = nagranie dźwiękowe audio recording
  • The first five of these are also available as audio recordings.
  • What about listening to an audio recording you made of the movie?
  • However, the audio recording from each of the calls is available below for your benefit.
  • Her photographs and audio recordings were especially important to later researchers.
  • It's likely that they didn't have rights for an audio recording in Australia.
  • An audio recording of the military investigation that took place on December 27 is also available to the public.
  • Music Maker is not a product for serious audio recording.
  • But the audio recording was difficult to follow and not convincing.
  • Audio recordings of writers reading from their own works have also been introduced.
  • They also found an audio recording of two men discussing a murder.
3. audio cassette = kaseta magnetofonowa audio cassette
4. audio tape = taśma magnetofonowa audio tape
5. audio commentary = komentarz audio audio commentary
6. audio CD = CD audio audio CD
7. audio book = książka dźwiękowa audio book
8. audio track = ścieżka audio audio track
10. audio clip = zacisk audio audio clip
11. audio signal = sygnał dźwiękowy audio signal
12. audio equipment = wyposażenie audio audio equipment
13. audio system = system audio audio system
15. audio engineer = inżynier dźwięku audio engineer
16. audio drama = dramat audio audio drama
17. audio sample = próbka audio, próbka dźwiękowa audio sample
19. audio format = format audio audio format
20. audio output = produkcja audio audio output
21. audio effect = efekt audio audio effect
22. audio guide = przewodnik audio audio guide

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