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attack czasownik

attack + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 205
attack targets • attack ships • attack people • attack positions • attack forces • attack one's opponent • attack troops • attack Iraq • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 42
1. attack targets = cele ataku attack targets
8. attack Iraq = atak Irak attack Iraq
10. attack Israel = atak Izrael attack Israel
11. attack soldiers = żołnierze ataku attack soldiers
14. attack settlements = porozumienia ataku attack settlements
15. attack humans = ludzie ataku attack humans
17. attack one's record = atak czyjś zapis attack one's record
18. attack one's credibility = atak czyjś wiarygodność attack one's credibility
19. attack a woman = zaatakuj kobietę attack a woman
20. attack shipping = atak wysyłka attack shipping
21. attack airfields = lotniska ataku attack airfields
22. attack the town = zaatakuj miasteczko attack the town
26. attack civilians = cywile ataku attack civilians
27. attack a group = zaatakuj grupę attack a group
29. attack cells = komórki ataku attack cells
31. attack Pearl Harbor = atak perłowy Port attack Pearl Harbor
32. attack times = czasy ataku attack times
  • The ship was attacked multiple times by bombs and torpedoes during the battle without effect.
  • Zamora has been attacked several times in connection with his reporting.
  • The army said troops had returned fired when attacked several times with gunfire and grenades.
  • The Germans attacked multiple times, but despite this the battalion managed for maintain all of the ground they had taken.
  • The tree has been attacked several times by elements opposed to its symbolism.
  • The settlement was attacked and plundered several times in its early history.
  • At the beginning of the 17th century, the city was attacked several times by pirates and indigenous people from Darién.
  • He attacked several times but with no practical result, because of the strong French resistance.
  • Players can attack multiple times per turn, limited only by the number of dice they have remaining.
  • Zamora and other staff members were attacked several times in connection with their reporting.
35. attack Earth = atak Ziemia attack Earth
36. attack areas = obszary ataku attack areas
37. attack the fleet = napadnij na flotę attack the fleet
38. attack one's policies = atak czyjś polityki attack one's policies
39. attack one's home = atak czyjś dom attack one's home
40. attack the World Center = napadnij na Ośrodek światowy attack the World Center
41. attack Iran = atak Iran attack Iran
42. attack Jews = atak żydzi attack Jews
czasownik + attack
Kolokacji: 35
begin attacking • start attacking • plan to attack • prepare to attack • try to attack • continue to attack • decide to attack • ...
attack + przyimek
Kolokacji: 41
attacked by • attack without • attack on • attack during • attack from • ...
attack + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 88
immediately attack • repeatedly attacked • directly attack • suddenly attacked • physically attack • ...

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