MBW 635: Pizza to the Polls

Kategoria: Komputery i technologia
Kanał: Mac Break Weekly
Data: 7 listopada 2018, 0:41
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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MacBreak Weekly (Audio)

  • Mac Mini 2018: look at all those ports!
  • MacBook Air 2018: a thoroughly ok laptop.
  • iPad Pro 2018: yeah, forget all about those two. This is where the real action is.
  • Apple's T2 security chip makes installing Linux harder.

Tips and Picks:

  • Leo's Pick: send free pizza to people waiting in line to vote.
  • Alex's Picks: Red Hydrogen One and SquadCast
  • Andy's Tip: back up your SSD!
  • Andy's Pick: Bringing Home The Birkin
  • Rene's Pick: Procreate for iPad

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Rene Ritchie

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